6 times KFC was accused of serving rotten food!

by Aadarsh Jain

6 times KFC was accused of serving rotten food!

May 22, 2021

Biting into what you think is your super tasty fried chicken meal only to discover that it's simply spoiled raw meat is almost everyone's worst fear but that's what KFC has been accused of doing not once but multiple times.

KFC in Conroe, Texas, was once accused of serving rotten chicken. The raw chicken was reportedly 16 days old and kept in crates, six days longer than the KFC guideline, which states that chicken must be eaten within 10 days of slaughter. Employees confessed to serving the chicken, despite the fact that the smell almost made one of them vomit.

In addition, KFC has been suspected of serving expired meat. According to a former manager, he was forced to sell meat that had turned green.

KFC has been suspected of serving expired meat. According to a former manager, he was forced to sell meat that had turned green.

Alongside Rotten Meat, KFC Fried These Things Too

  1. 2005: In 2005, a 7-year-old Australian girl and her family became sick after consuming a salmonella-infected KFC Twister wrap, which became one of KFC’s greatest nightmares. Salmonella encephalopathy caused brain trauma, a blood infection, and septic shock in the child. The girl is was seriously injured and confined to a wheelchair, and her family was awarded $8.3 million in a legal action against the chain in 2012.

  2. 2012: A woman and her children went to KFC in Virginia for dinner in 2012, only to find a whole ruined and fried head in their bucket.

  3. 2012: When chicken isn’t sold by the expiration date on the box, it starts to smell and turn green, but the franchise owner ordered workers at one Oregon store to sell it instead. In 2012, a manager who was forced to sell rotten chicken and produce sued the franchise owner, alleging that he was fired after he declined to serve it.

  4. 2012: After a customer alleged that he was serving a chicken meal containing live worms, authorities in the Indian state of Kerala closed down a KFC restaurant.

  5. 2013: Another UK native, this time in Essex, was taken aback in 2013 when he was removing meat from the bone of his fried chicken meal and came across a “horrible wrinkled foreign body.” He initially mistook it for a brain, but KFC clarified that it was in fact a kidney.

  6. 2014: In June 2014, a mother and her stepson purchased chicken nuggets from a chain restaurant in the United Kingdom, but when the 7-year-old boy bit into one, he found that it was made of a rock-hard blue dish towel instead of chicken. KFC apologised and gave them a free meal.

The brand was formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it is now known as KFC. Despite reports that the name was modified to remove the term “cooked,” making it seem better, the name change has a much more realistic purpose. In 1990, the Commonwealth of Kentucky trademarked their name, requiring KFC to pay copyright fees if they wanted to use their original name. Instead of complying, they chose to change the company’s name to KFC, an expression that many people were already familiar with.


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