A Baby Born With Three Penises In Iraq Makes History

by Kareena Dodeja

A Baby Born With Three Penises In Iraq Makes History

April 3, 2021

We have heard of the saying, ‘good things come in threes’ but is it always true? A three-month old Iraqi boy has been born with three penises and this is the first documented case in humans. This might sound impossible but triphallia is a thing.

Triphallia Found In An Iraqi Baby

A study published in the International Journey of Surgery Case authored by, Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmed Mohammed mentions that the case of the three penises is the first reported case. The rare anomaly is called Triphallia. 

Nobody had reported triphallia which is a condition wherein a person is born with three penises would be real till recently. Dr. Ayad Ahmad Mohammed guaranteed that the case of a three-month-old had this condition.

The three months old baby boy from Duhok, was brought to the hospital after his parents observed that his scrotum was swelled up. The doctors noticed that he had an extra one 2-centimetre that bulged out from his primary penis and another 1-centimetre-long under his sack.

The anomaly was unusual as the child wasn’t exposed to smoking to drugs in the womb and the family didn’t have any history of genetic diseases, according to the authors of the study. As the phalluses didn’t have urethras which are where the tubes of urine pass through, the doctors decided to remove the two penises surgically. The procedure of removal was handled by a consultant urologist and an expert in urosurgery and penile reconstruction surgery. The operation went well and the triphallic did not have any issues post the surgery. The reports suggested that in an appointment a year later, there were no complications that occurred.

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Representational Picture of an infant

How Many Penises Are Too Much?

Here is an interesting fact- a similar incident of a trio of penises was found in India in 2015 but there was no proper verification as no medical journal reported it, according to The Daily Mail. So the Iraqi baby is the first recorded case of triphallia which would pave way for more research into this.

The first report on diphallia which is a person who has a pair of penises was found in 1609. According to a study, one in every 5 or 6 million baby boys with around 100 recorded cases in literature has been affected by diphallia. The reports show that some of these akimbo organs can ejaculate and urinate which might function better than one.

In 2015, the man named ‘Double-dick dude’ went viral on social media as he had boasted his two, 10-inch long penises. According to World Health Organisation, doctors haven’t made progress in finding out the cause of this deformity but they have linked it with congenital aberrations such as being born with two scrotums or anuses.

Such cases are rare but have been part of literature that proves that the existence of such deformities is possible. Triphallia still remains one of the most intriguing and mysterious medical conditions to go down in history. The more, the better doesn’t always have the same meaning.



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