by Sai Vardhan


April 22, 2021

Apple took its sweet time to disclose the most-awaited and rumored air tags, but it is finally here. In its spring-loaded event, Apple unveiled its Air Tags, and there is much to look forward to.

People who know about these nifty bad boys can appreciate it fully; for people who do not, read on. 

Apple Air Tags are little circular objects that help you to find any item that you put it on, and with the help of a Bluetooth connection, trace it. Well, that sounds pretty simple, but there is more to it. 

The way AirTags function is by securely communicating with Bluetooth devices and iPhones equipped with ultra-wideband that are in the area.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned, an air tag is a tiny coin-sized device that you attach to an item like a bag, key chain or anything, and there it goes. These are lightweight at 11 grams and portable. So whenever you can’t find an item on the go, or if it’s misplaced, just open your “Find My app” on your iPhone to find it or you can simply ask Siri with a prompt “Hey Siri, where is my ‘whatever’ ?”.
Accordingly, it pings the inbuilt speakers which are inside the device and helps you find them.

Let’s dig a little deeper, Air Tags casts a bluetooth signal to the nearby ‘find my network’ which in turn sends the signal to the app in your iPhone. The location of the air tag is transferred to the cloud account signed in. This helps in finding the misplaced product and the entire process takes minutes.

Apple AirTags Concept Images

According to Apple, the whole process is encrypted and anonymous, which means your location data and history are stored inside the air tag itself and is not shared even with Apple, or any third parties.

This whole process is accomplished by using the U1 ultra-wide chip which helps in triangulating the precise location. It uses an accelerometer, gyroscope and a bluetooth signal, giving you exact directions with arrows on the screen of your find my app, which is an industry first. 

Nevertheless, setting up the air tag is pretty simple and it’s just a one-tap process and you do not need to worry about the battery since it’s a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery which gives you a fair amount of juice.

Apple has made these small AirTag devices with a plastic rear and the metal front

Other Features

The air tags also support the Lost Mode which we have seen in the iPhone and other Apple products. This feature is helpful in case if someone else finds the air tag and the other person can use their NFC-enabled phone to scan and get the details and contact you.

Another feature called unwanted tracking alerts suggests that if someone else’s air tag is lost and somehow finds its way into your stuff, your iPhone will notice it and send an alert signal to you.

Also, the Air Tags come with an IP64 rating for dust and water resistance.

Furthermore, we have glimpsed at the update which Apple brought to its ‘find my app’ which revealed the launch of air tags a week ahead of launch itself.

These features primarily support iPhone 12 series and iPhone 11 series because they have the U1 built inside them.

How Much Do Air Tags Cost?

Apple Air Tags will be available in India for Rs 3,190 for one piece and Rs 10,900 for a pack of four which comes with free engraving with emojis or the initials of your choice. The pre order starts on 23rd April, and they’ll be available in Apple kiosks come March 31st. 


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