Apple announced the latest operating system iOS 15, Here’s everything you want to know!

by Sai Vardhan

Apple announced the latest operating system iOS 15, Here’s everything you want to know!

June 18, 2021

Apple kicked off its all online digital event, worldwide developer conference, aka WWDC 2021, on June 7th. As anticipated, they have unveiled numerous vital points in the keynote, which includes new software development for all its lineups like iPads, Macs, iOS, watchOS.

But in this article, let’s discuss all the new things that the Cupertino giant worked and showed of from the past few months regarding the latest iOS 15, which brings significant developments and tremendous amount of new details, refinements over iOS 14. iOS 15 has been available officially for over a week now. Currently, developers are using it, and it’s mostly like to get into public beta in the upcoming months and might even go stable with the heavily rumored iPhone 13 launch event, which is expected this fall.

But this time around in iOS15, the company focused on improving the interaction within the apps and advancements that concentrate more on bringing out critical features like staying connected, finding focus, exploiting intelligence and exploring a new experience.

Some of the significant developments include a revamped alterations to the FaceTime app that provides for links through which even Android users can participate. iMessage, which now can gather, organize links and content which can be viewed where you choose, anticipated minor changes to notifications interaction which now uses intelligence and bundles unwanted notifications as a summary and what’s an Apple event if it isn’t about the privacy controls.

iOS 15 has been available officially for over a week now. Currently, developers are using it.

In Depth

This new version, as explained, doesn’t bring a significant overhaul over the previous generation but sure adds a new Conner’s and a more buttery smooth experience. So let’s talk deeply about the latest version of the operating system regarding features and improvements that Apple has announced.


Facetime now offers a whole new level of interaction. 

Face Time has just got revamped and enriched by true Apple style and brings out more zoom-like features that now allow it to be more comfortable to use. The features added to the app are Spatial Audio with a grid view that helps reflects speakers location on-screen, which means you can view who is talking precisely, portrait mode, which now enables real-time blurring backgrounds. Not just that, Apple has also expanded the experience by allowing users to create and share links to schedule private Face Time calls, which can be shared with the Android platform and lets them participate via a web browser.

On top of all that fantastic features, Apple has shown their crafting skills in screen sharing options. This new screen sharing now assists users in sharing files and documents on-screen, but users can also share their music and movies during video calls via a new feature called Share Play. Yes, you heard right; you can share all those in sync with your friends and colleagues. It’s only a matter of time many other platforms add support for this functionality.

Face Time has just got revamped and enriched by true Apple style and brings out more zoom-like features.

Messages Become More Organized

iMessage, too, got some new additions with a slight redesign and has a more organized conversation thread. The latest update to the messaging platform will put together all the shared photos into a stack or group of collages that you can swipe through and tap to open all of them in a detailed view. It’s also possible for the other person to see if you have enabled do not disturb messages. You can also allow some messages to reach you while DND enabled with a special override option. Apple also added a new detail called “shared with you”, which shows your name when you share some links or vice versa that people sent you. It works across Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

Revamped Notifications

Although there were rumors of vastly revamped notifications, we didn’t see significant changes. Still, there are some crucial changes. So the redesigned notifications bring a new look with prominent app icons, contact photos, etc., based on the activity and batches notifications intelligently. They also added a new option that lets you group notifications that aren’t important while working. They also introduced a feature called the Focus, enabling you to customize notifications depending upon mood, sleep, personal, and DND. They sync across all your devices. 

Live Text

As part of iOS 15, the iPhone brings some camera advancements, including a new Live Text element that automatically recognizes and scans text in photographs and other places. This live text feature is integrated throughout the UI, and it uses artificial intelligence to find text in photos, websites etc., like google lens. This new feature can also scan your id cards. And this feature also adds a massive improvement to the searched words. In simple terms, when you look up something, it will intelligently show more accurate suggestion on what you typically searched.


Updated privacy controls in iOS 15 enclose a move to bring all Siri interactions on the device itself, which means the processing will be done on-device. There is no need for the internet. Users will also get an option in the settings page deep down below called App Privacy Report, which enables the user to view a seven-day overview of how numerous and often apps have accessed location, microphone, camera, and another sort of info. The privacy features are also embedded deep inside the mail app with this new OS, so now the mail app will block tracking pixels typically used in marketing emails to infer whether an email was viewed and read, etc.

Other Features

Other updates include Memories, which uses machine learning and AI to stir photos into galleries and enlarges such collages and memories with appropriate music via Apple Music which is customizable. Apple has also enhanced the wallet app, which now encompasses corporate badges, hotel room keys, and relevant identification info for TSA. The weather app also gets an overhaul with more than 100 plus dynamic animations. Apple also updated the spotlight feature, which now shows more comprehensive content about movies, photos, contacts with links, music, last messages, everything shared. Also, they updated and added new features to the health app. Now you can share your health report and your family members’ to a doctor directly, like heart rate, BP, etc.


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Moreover, Apple has revamped its Maps software with a more profound and significant view inside the cities with 3D data viewing options, which now incorporates turning lanes. This update to the maps can also be viewed while using car play. The Cupertino giant has also added some new features to AirPods called conversation boost that practically supports people who can’t hear properly to understand more while talking in real-time. Also, they made it easy to find your AirPods using the find my app even when the location is erased. Changes in safari include a more straightforward tab bar design, Grouping multiple tabs and all-new ability to add browser extensions.

In conclusion, iOS 15, in simple words, is incredible and brings multiple changes to the operating system. So the next question everyone wants to know is when we can rock this on our devices? Apple says iOS 15 will be available to the public starting this fall, and they already started rolling out the developer beta to developers. So next month, they will also begin the public beta for customers who can use it at their own risk.

So what do you think of the new operating system, comment down and let us know below?


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