Apple is expected to relaunch the legendary iPod back into the game. The question is, is there a market for iPods anymore?

by Sai Vardhan

Apple is expected to relaunch the legendary iPod back into the game. The question is, is there a market for iPods anymore?

May 24, 2021

Apple had unveiled its first-ever iPod back in 2001, and since then, it became more widespread among metropolitan cities. It was, of course, the company's most popular device at a point. Now Apple is trying to bring an all-new iPod with the latest iPhone like design for its 20th anniversary.

Since the first generation, they improved the iPod to its latest version, and it was back in 2017 when we saw a significant design change in the iPods, but it proved to be a dead-end for Apple iPod in 2019 with its 7th gen rendition. So this year, on October 23, the device will celebrate its 20th birthday, and rumors say that pocket-friendly music isn’t dead.

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It’s being indicated that we can expect to see a new iPod in the game again

What do the rumors say?

This year being an Important year for Apple iPod, it’s being indicated that we can expect to see a new iPod in the game again, according to Mac Rumors contributor Steve Moser and tipster AppleLe257. At this point, they were also very keen on citing it as a rumor rather than a leak.

It is showcased that the Cupertino based giant might launch the new model, a touch-enabled iPhone 12 like design- iPod with squared edges and multiple color options. As of now, it’s not clear what the will be the specifications, etc. but some rumors are that the device might feature face ID, they might also bump the screen size to all up to 5.4 inches, unlike 4 inches, it could also possibly be powered by the Apples A14 bionic chip. None of this is confirmed, but we might wonder how great it will be if it launches with such mind-blowing specs.

There are two explanations why we want to believe these rumors. One indicates Apple’s recent announcement of lossless audio, HiFi support upgrade for Apple Music. Secondly and the major one why it can be launched is cause it’s the 20th anniversary of the iPod this year.

But before jumping to a conclusion, we have a couple of questions that we need to be answered.

Do we need the iPod back?

It’s a partial yes and no. iPods are undoubtedly the best in the class device, which not only aids music listening but it’s also a potential iPhone at a very affordable price. One of the iPod’s objectives was to be a compact device for listening to music with minimal distractions. So with the new features, design, and if it bundles the A14 chip, it would be a raw power in the user’s hand. So yes, we need the iPod back. But there is another side. Despite the affordable housing of the iPhone, we already have many streaming services that we are enjoying very much in our daily drivers. With multiple smart home devices and Bluetooth speakers, there isn’t any need for an extra device to carry around. So it’s the user choice and question, why do they need an iPod?

Would it be redundant?

See, iPods are not only about listening to music, but like explained, it’s an iPhone too, in a way. If you ever rocked the last 7th gen iPod, it was probably like your secondary compact iPhone with an iMessage, camera, A10 chip and what not. So yeah, it would be a useful go-to device for some iPhone users due to the ecosystem, and it would also help some people to achieve a dream of buying an iPod if you don’t have an amount to spend on iPhone or iPad.

It’s not only iPods, but this is the dawn of the new generation, which cost all portable music players like Sony and Astell. The new generation adapted to smartphones, desktops and other intelligent appliances, which made multitasking a piece of cake.

What competitions would it face in the market?

First, let’s go back at the timeline; back in 2001 iPod was just a machine that enabled users to listen to music on the go. Later, it became prominent among uptown people and allowed people to get rid of that bulky Walkman and effortlessly portable music. 

After that, they introduced a new version along the way, but all of this changed when Apple itself introduced the first-ever iPhone in 2007, where Steve Jobs unveiled the first touchscreen mobile phone, which included the iPod, camera and web browsing capabilities.

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Now let’s see the timeline in the fast forward way. Since the first-ever touch phone, technology grew drastically, and touch phone changed into smartphones with a better camera, raw power and more abilities than ever imagined comprising all the features you need in just one device. So yeah, popping to the question, what will be the competition for iPod if launched? First of all, the companies own iPhones and the rest of all android smartphones devices, intelligent appliances and Bluetooth devices, etc.

All the new anticipated features are just solid rumors. We don’t know what is true or not at this point, and yes, launching the iPod will bring the tradition of downloading songs and a dedicated device for streaming music. But one thing is sure that it’s not just a music listening device, but instead a phone, and why would anyone spend a colossal amount when they already have a phone? Since Apple stopped promoting the iPods due to all these multiple reasons, we can only foresee it would similarly be the same situation again as the 7th gen iPod lineup, which didn’t address the uniqueness of iPods and failed. So as of 2021, there is almost no reason to buy. Instead, we suggest saving the bucks and spend on either upgrading or buying a new device.



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