Apple is planning a Design Overhaul of MacBook

by Sai Vardhan

Apple is planning a Design Overhaul of MacBook

May 14, 2021

Apple is refreshing the look of its entire lineup, and now they are targeting the new MacBooks.

As we anticipated, Apple is all buckled up to bring design changes to the entire workstation- iPhones, iPads, iMacs and the new MacBook Air/pro lineup are paired up for an overhaul redesign, and it’s inspired by the recently launched iMac series. It is rumored that Apple will bring more sleek and stylish design changes to MacBook with more colors.

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According to Jon Posser, these design alterations will furthermore affect all the Air to Pro line up. He also claims that we might see a flat edge, all squared Mac Book pro lineup and several colors which we previously glimpsed in the spring-loaded event.

He also thinks that Apple will push its architecture overhaul too to make the MacBook sleeker, and it’s necessary to watch this cause we have seen how a single M1 chip has helped them get rid of multiple components from iMac making it so thin. Posser also thinks that due to these design changes, which benefited them with iMacs, Apple is now thinking of some revolutionary redesign- getting rid of the tapered uni-body design which they have been using since 2008.

The new MacBook Air is also anticipated to come with new slimed bezels and get rid of black color bezels and the keyboard. Its also expected that there might be changes in color and keyboard, which will support the white layout instead of black. From the images, we can also observe a USB C port this time.

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The question is, how is Apple going to achieve such significant sleek architecture despite the outer color and body. Aye! It’s rumored that the company will introduce their new rumored M1X or M2 chip which, as explained earlier, gets rid of all the bulky components and introduces up a new lineup of Mac Books.

Prosser also said in a video that all these updates are genuine, and he also shared the source. These renders were created in collaboration with Ian Zelbo (@RedersbyIan).


We can understand from images and renders that the line up will get a new overhaul design, and it might get rid of beloved black bezels, and it’s also expected to be launched with a new chip and, from images, its sports USB C port. Although there is no information about other things like charging capability and mag safe, what will the redesign get rid of and what will it keep.

Considering the changes Apple brought in on the iMac, it will be a no brainer that similarly applies to the MacBook line up too. So all we have left is the new processor itself, which might come to light with upcoming MacBooks.


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