Apple is Planning to Make Passwords Obsolete!

by Sai Vardhan

Apple is Planning to Make Passwords Obsolete!

June 17, 2021

The Cupertino Giant claims to be a pioneer of people's privacy in this world of increasing leaks and invasion of privacy. Apple is testing a new feature that will further them towards their goal of privacy in tech.

The best perk of using any Apple product is guaranteed privacy. And their integration of this privacy into devices provides an extensive range of features, be it masking your email id, logging in with Apple id (it creates a temporary login id type) and app tracking to know which websites and 3d parties are trying to access your data etc. The firm is now introducing a new feature for developers called “Passkeys”, which is currently being tested, as mentioned above.

Apple is now introducing a new feature for developers called "Passkeys", which is currently being tested.

Why is Apple Introducing this New Feature?

In the wake of one of the most significant password leaks in history, Apple has disclosed the latest biometric-based feature that could one day replace passwords across all Apple devices. A few days ago, a massive leak of more than 8 billion passwords was shared publicly via multiple online sources, eventually bringing out the users susceptibility. That’s why it is proposed to people to change their passwords regularly and to activate two-step authentication to possible minimize risk factors. It is still not safe and secure enough.

So in light of the recent constraints and the steady risk of having valuable passwords stolen, Apple has introduced a new trait to developers called PassKeys.

What is a Passkey and How does it Work?

The idea behind this feature is very fundamental- passkeys will be used to allow users to connect instantly, directly, and securely to an application or online service or any website without having to put in a password or login via another platform like Google, Facebook or a phone number. Instead, you use your fingerprint or facial recognition. And for this function to work, developers of the applications or websites need to approve this method of connection.

Like said, people will be able to sign in via any website or application using the biometric identification systems available via their Apple terminal, either Touch ID or Face ID. This method can prove to be secure because all the data that both touch and face ID uses is directly integrated into the iCloud Keychain and securely encrypted.

Either fingerprints or facial recognition, these two processes allow safe and instant identification. According to Apple, this outcome is straight away more protected and secure than distinctive two-step authentication. The intention of Apple is clear, and they want to make this technology compatible with all Apple devices. As this feature is yet to be tested over iPhones, it is expected that this will also be integrated into iPad OS 15 and macOS Monterey.


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