Apple’s WWDC 21 is all set for some major overhauls

by Sai Vardhan

Apple’s WWDC 21 is all set for some major overhauls

June 1, 2021

Apple has unveiled the dates of its Worldwide Developers Conference, the WWDC 2021 event. This will be a 5-day event where the conference kicks off on June 7th at 10.30 pm IST. However, they will address the keynote on day one and everyone can participate, including developers. We might expect this WWDC 21 event could be bringing significant improvements to the OS. During the keynote, the Cupertino giant is anticipated to disclose next-gen software like iPad OS 15, iOS 15, watch OS 8, TV OS 15.

WWDC 2021 Details

The details for the WWDC 2021 conference are sent out to people via emails, which will be held online due to the ongoing pandemic. The keynote will start at (10 am PDT) 10.30 pm IST on June 7, wherein Apple will unveil next-gen software for its products, and it also speculated that a new MacBook Pro would be unveiled. 

The whole event will be live-streamed universally on Apple.com, YouTube, and the Apple TV app for Apple TV users.

Apart from this, it’s being reported that there will be over 200 in-depth sessions for developers, which will enable them to create apps for the Apple ecosystem. It’s also likely that developers will get an opportunity to have a chat with over 1,000+ Apple engineers on the Apple Developer Forums and get one-on-one guidance on implementing Apple technologies, UI design principles, managing apps on the App Store, and much more.


What to expect at WWDC 2021

The keynote will most likely see Apple listing headlines about the next-gen software like iOS 15, iPad OS 15, macOS 12, tv OS 15, and hopefully Watch OS 8. So iOS 15, the next mobile operating system from Apple, will be one of the event’s biggest highlights. Apple CEO Tim Cook traditionally chats about some accomplishments of IOS at the start during the keynote.

Based on leaks so far, the upcoming iOS 15 is expected to be the biggest of all announcements and might include these new features. An all-new revamped notification settings page will keep the apps on top, open in the background. The latest update might see some more customizable and interactive widgets. Some leaks have suggested a new iMessage feature that may help it take on the Facebook suite of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

Other changes may include more customization options. It’s worth pointing out that considering iOS 14 was visually a massive update, we can expect iOS 15 to improve further and polish some of these features, but there won’t be any massive changes. But we might likely see huge privacy changes to all the platforms.

Apple WWDC 2021 event

Similarly, the new iPad OS is also likely to get new customization features for widgets and an overhaul to the existing home screen. It is also anticipated that we might see a notification page revamp, the same as IOS 15.

While there aren’t many leaks of the macOS 12 update, many indicate that this might big time for Apple cause the new macOS update is reported to be more focused on improving some of the functions of M1-powered Macs.

The next big thing to watch out for will be the Watch OS eight updates, which we foresee could be massive than ever. Apple is rumored to be already working on the next set of health-related features for the next-gen Apple Watch model, and we could get a peek of what we should expect later in the year. Some reports have suggested that Apple is planning to add mental health-related features to its Apple Watch.

Again there aren’t any significant leaks about the tv OS, but it might also be bringing some potential changes. While that were leaks about the upcoming OS, some other things are leaked by popular YouTuber Jon Prosser. He took these leaks to Twitter that the next-gen MacBook Pro will most likely be launching at the event and will be completely redesigned with a new chassis, including support for Mag Safe charging and more ports HDMI and SD card slot. It is rumored to appear in 14-inch and 16-inch models and be powered by an M1 processor.

So we will have to keep our eyes open and wait till June 7 to see what Apple has in store for its Developers and consumers this year.

Big updates before the WWDC 21

But before wrapping up, we would like to update you about the IOS 14.6 released alongside watchOS 7.5 and macOS Big Sur 11.4 updates. The new updates are available to download over the air for eligible devices.

The new iOS 14.6 release also brings fixes for some known system issues, like face unlocking with Apple Watch may not work after using Lock iPhone on Apple Watch. Reminders sometimes appear as blank lines; Bluetooth devices could sometimes disconnect and more. iPhone may experience reduced performance during startup.
With fixes on the other side, The iPhones are getting subscription Podcasts support and Air Tag enhancements.

Coming to Watch OS 7.5, the update includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It also added support for the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4 and more. Like iOS 14.6 and Watch OS 7.5, the new macOS Big Sur 11.4 update also adds Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channel support. It also contains crucial bug fixes.

The macOS Big Sur update on the other hand, adds Apple Podcast’s subscription support. This also shows channels that group together, collections of shows from podcast creators. This release also fixes bookmarks in Safari, which are getting reordered or moved into a hidden folder. Certain websites are not being displayed correctly after your Mac wakes from sleep; preview may become unresponsive when searching PDF documents and more.

So? Are you excited for the WWDC 21? 


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