Are The Simpsons Really Prophetic?

by Kareena Dodeja
Are The Simpsons Really Prophetic?

May 20, 2021

The Simpsons, an animated sitcom airing since past 30 years, has much more depth to it than just focusing on the satirical family of Homer Simpson- it has predicted events from the 9/11 tragedy to Donald Trump's presidency (or has it?).

The Simpsons are known for entertaining the viewers with celebrity guests and giving a glimpse into the future. The show’s writers have predicted plots that spookily mirror real life. Believe it or not, the coronavirus was also predicted by the show’s lead writer Matt Groening 27 years ago, when the show saw the outbreak of a deadly virus from Asia in “Springfield”.

This might freak many people out, but the people working for the show “can” predict the future. Some of the show’s writers claim that the Simpson’s episodes are old and are, therefore, a testament for history’s repetition (as if). Nevertheless, the show has developed massive viewership, and people keep looking for more predictions from it to come true.

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening.

Spooky 2021 Predictions

The show creators predicted what would be happening in January 2021 back in November 2020. The particular episode ‘Treehouse of Horror XXXI‘ is based on the 2020 US Presidential Election. In the episode, the character of Marge demands Homer to go and vote. Homer hesitates on his way and ponders if he should vote for “Judge Judy”, and recalls a long list of President’s blunders.

Homer dreamt about a horrifying future under Judge Judy’s leadership- children in cages, imitation of a disabled reporter, white supremacists as “fine people”, and telling people to swallow bleach. The episode further showed January 20th, 2021 as the world in flames, with buildings destroyed and people raging out on inauguration.

The situation doesn’t look good when an old man who is kicked in the air by a killer robot says, “That’s what I get for voting for Kanye.”

People related this particular episode to the January 6th US Capitol riots incited by President Donald Trump. Four people were killed in the riots, and the lawmakers had to take refuge in Congress’ safe rooms. Fans found the Capitol ambush to be similar to this apocalyptic episode.

On Point Simpsons' Predictions

While the show has never ceased to amaze the audiences with its predictability streak, some of the events that were predicted came eerily closer to the real life happenings around the globe. Let’s have a look at what etese are.

Springfield Flu Was Coronavirus All Along

Homer Simpson has an uncanny ability to predict the future. In 1993, an episode shot when the deadly flu hit Springfield in the fourth season called ‘Marge in Chains‘. The people in the town were infected by Japan’s deadly virus and called it the ‘Osaka Flu.’ The flu spread by a factory worker shipped to the US.

The entire town was in mass chaos and panicked about the situation; they went grocery shopping and stocked up. The kids were asked to stay home from school, and Mr Burns was headed off to a special bunker to isolate himself from the town. Principal Skinner had deadly flu, and his temperature soared.

This was very similar to real-life when people were stocking up with groceries and other necessities in every country. The lockdown was imposed, and everyone was forced to isolate themselves.

Osaka flu was just as same as the Covid-19.

Donald Trump Declared as the President

Donald Trump’s rise to power in politics was one of the spookiest predictions on the show. The episode aired in 200 when in the future world, the newly elected President Lisa spoke about inheriting the budget crunch from President Trump. 

The creators imagined that they would choose someone hilarious to play the part, but it soon became a reality in 2016. The scene when Trump comes down the escalator in Trump Tower waving to his supporters is found to be a realistic image in 2015.

The Simpsons predicted the presidency of Donald Trump

A Hint to 9/11 Before the Tragedy Struck

Many conspiracy theorists claimed that Simpsons made references to the 9/11 terror attacks before it happened. In the episode ‘New York Against Homer‘, Lisa holds a magazine with the number nine on it with the World Trade Centre’s silhouette, which gives an impression of the number 11. Some fans believe this was the warning sign as it was aired four years before the tragedy in 2001.

9 symbolizes september and the two towers were just like date 11.

The Ebola Virus Conspiracy

The show did not only correctly predict the coronavirus pandemic; it presaged the Ebola Virus as well back in 1997. Marge reads a book to sick Bart called Curious George and Ebola Virus in an episode. A picture of a monkey looking sick in a bed and the Ebola Virus was believed to have come by monkeys to humans. Isn’t your mind blown? The virus hit sixteen years later in West Africa led to an epidemic with travel restrictions, the country faced a downfall. The prediction was accurate and spooky.

They also predicted the technological advancements and how the American Curling team won Olympic Gold and the Nobel Prize winner’s name six years before. Their hunch has always been accurate like Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance. They predicted their fate as well that Disney would take over Fox and so it happened.

Ebola Virus was predicted by The Simpsons.

Future Predictions that Could Come True

The show has many predictions up its sleeves, and hopefully, they do not happen in real life. One such episode is when Big Ben was digital and not the classic one we are used to. The Simpsons predicted in an attack in 2016 that Ivanka would be a president in 2028. There are other destructive predictions as well as the world ending one.

Future predictions of Simpsons may come true.

Busting the Predictions

Donald Trump, in the year 2000, mentioned how he considered running for office at some point; hence, the writers thought of an angle to add it in the show. The show has a knack to keep us hooked to the series with these predictions. The creators claim that they bought a New York City guidebook with the words 9 dollars next to the Twin Towers’ picture, so it looked like 9/11, but it was coincidental.

The Simpsons actually is not a future predicting show, it’s just the wit of the writers and their keen eye for contemporary events that gives them the edge over others in showcasing events that affect the people of that time. Nevertheless, keep watching the show, you might find something to make you believe in the show’s prophetic powers (just kidding).

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