Are You Ready To Relive Titanic II In 2022?

by Kareena Dodeja
Are You Ready To Relive Titanic II In 2022?

May 10, 2021

Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On sits well in sync with the fate of the Titanic’s legacy since it continues to live in lovers’ throbbing hearts and naval enthusiasts minds all over the world. And in the quest of keeping Titanic’s legacy to ‘go on’, the world will have a new Titanic in 2022 – All Aboard, Titanic II !

All these years, we have been intrigued by the story of Titanic. But little did we know that we can re-live the glory and majesty of the luxurious cruise ship in this modern era. A brand new Titanic II could set sail in 2022, and all the ‘Jack and Rose lovers’ cannot keep calm!

Titanic II - Ready to Sail in 2022

The long-delayed and much talked about project is ready to launch its replica of the Titanic – yes the one that sunk in the water. The Australian businessman and politician Clive Palmer is behind this contentious initiative.

In September of 2015, he announced that the project’s work had commenced- this came as a shock after the financial dispute he had with the Chinese government in the same year.

The new ship will reportedly be the original vessel’s carbon copy that sank in 1912 following a collision with an iceberg. Makers have worked hard for avoiding any such unfortunate incident to happen again to the new ship.

The Titanic II will be well-equipped with plenty of lifeboats and will have modern navigation.

Titanic II - Following Into the Titanic's Footsteps

Project’s chief Clive Palmer issued a statement saying “the ship would follow the original journey, carrying Southampton passengers to New York. It will also circumnavigate the globe attracting the attention, intrigue, and mystery in every port it visits. The maiden voyage will be from Dubai to New York with its first sailing expected to take place in 2022”.

Titanic II will have 835 cabins which will accommodate 2,435 passengers. The tickets will be divided into- first, second and third class, just like the original. It will also have the grand staircase that played a huge role in James Cameron’s movie depiction of the gargantuan abode of luxury.

Embalmed With Modern Tech (For a Hefty Price)

Palmer had shelled out $500 million for the project to exactly replicate the 1912 Titanic cruise ship. The new vessel’s design would be just like the original, right down to the rooms’ dimensions and layout. Engineers have laced it with modern marine technology to keep passengers safe.

Everything from the cabin layout, class categories, and restaurants to each entity’s length would be the same as the original, including the architecture of the indoor pool and staircase that was appealing.

A picture of Titanic which collided with an Iceberg.

The Grim Story of Titanic I

The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the world in the early 1900s. And rightly so, for it spanned 882 feet in length and could carry an entire town in it from one shore of the world to another. The Titanic sailed on April 10, 1912, from Southampton, England with 2,200 passengers and crew.

Unfortunately, five days later, the ship hit an iceberg which jagged its underwater edges and sliced a gash in its side, causing the Titanic to sink in less than three hours. Around 1,500 people died in this tragically historic event. Since then, the shipwreck has become memorable and symbolises one of the most tragic naval disasters in human history.

Wonderous Majesty of Titanic

The 1997 movie Titanic by James Cameron, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, is a tribute to the majesty of the ship and a reminder of the tragedy. The film is registered in the history books as one of the greatest ever made, adding to the original enterprise’s legacy.

Giving credit and paying respects where they are due, some questions need to be asked about the modern-day Titanic, which is precisely replicating its predecessor, including its problematic aspects.

There was a class system on the decks of ship "Titanic"`

Will Classism Persist in Titanic II As Well?

Clive has envisioned what the Titanic’s experience in recreating the original feat. The ticket prices for Titanic II aren’t available yet, but the ticket for a bunk bed in a third-class cabin cost $350 and $100,000 for a first-class place in the original Titanic.

Given that it was in 1912, there was blatant classism in the original ship’s arrangement as the first-class cabins were spacious and priciest for the affluent and prominent residents.

And if this aspect is retained in the new project in 2022, it might not fit well with the general world, considering that we have made much progress in demystifying class and caste lines in the course of a century.

What Was, And What Will Be? Divison That Is Problematic

Initially, the first-class male passengers were given privileges such as access to the smoke room. Reportedly, this will continue in Titanic II, but it is unclear if the same restrictions would be placed (since now we know that smoking causes cancer).

The first-class passengers also had access to “Turkish bath suites with a sauna and cooling room” for four shillings. These features will be the same in Titanic II.

We all remember Titanic’s grand first-class dining room and arched doorways from the film. Well, Titanic II will have precisely that. The menu hasn’t been made available, but it is pegged to be similar to the first one, with exquisite courses like Lamb with mint sauce or filet mignon.

Here is where the discrimination sets in- in the original setup, the third class passengers dined in a separate RMS Olympic Hall, the sister ship. Titanic II might follow something along the same lines.

A picture of Iceberg to which Titanic was collided.

What Went Wrong, And What Could Be Better- Safety Precautions

Historical records show that Titanic was equipped with the best technology, such as the electronic control panel and the wireless communication system. But it was not as safe as its maker Thomas Andrews claimed it to be.

On the cold night of 15 April 1912, the ship was travelling too fast, ignoring the iceberg warning and hazy environment conditions form control board. As history remembers, it wasn’t constructed to bear the brunt of oblivion and an iceberg’s impact.

As the Titanic hit the iceberg, a high concentration of ‘slag’ and residue made it spilt apart, which weakened the hull’s strength from the collision.

Rebooted Strength

The new ship will have a sturdier hull instead of a riveted one, according to Business Insider. Blue Star mentioned that the new version would be few meters wider than the original with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) installed for accurate navigation.

The ship will have technology equipped to detect data of the vessel to avoid any calamity. The captains would know in advance where the danger is headed and plan their route accordingly.

The new ship’s construction is undertaken while keeping in mind to ensure a lot better security, which can survive any iceberg collision. The technological improvement will mark the second ship from suffering the same fate.

Titanic II is going to start its journey in 2022 and will pass through the same route.

What is New in Titanic II?

Here is the most exciting detail to be noted- we will be able to re-live the decadence as each passenger is given outfits of that era to immerse themselves in that period truly. According to Palmer, men would be given tuxedoes and women the bustles for their dresses. 

The 1912 Titanic had a gym with an electric camel, horse, cycle, and rowing machines – these are included in the new vessel. It would be eccentric to think of yoga-pants being replaced with corsets and dresses in the gym. A squash court would be available for passengers as well.

Luxury Guaranteed

The new Titanic would have a Macroni room that will be used to communicate with the outside world. A bridge will also be built with modern technology to navigate the seas. 

The upgrades are necessary to make the ship sturdy against any disaster. The original one had only just 20 lifeboats, only sufficient for one-third of the occupants. Titanic II will have a new safety deck to hold several lifeboats.

Hopeful for the Future!

It will have the same speed, but it would run on a larger rudder and modern diesel than the steam boilers in the original version. An original deck would be constructed that looks over the bow- a feature the original Titanic did not have (which could have helped the conductors spot the iceberg).

The Titanic II is going to be a replica designed to be a class luxury ocean liner. It may be better, but can it wither any storms or iceberg? That, only time will tell.


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