Asus Zenfone 8, A Perfect Compact Phone in Comparison with the iPhone 12 Mini

by Sai Vardhan

Asus Zenfone 8, A Perfect Compact Phone in Comparison with the iPhone 12 Mini

May 18, 2021

Asus is regarded as one of the most underrated brands when it comes to smartphones. But things have changed in recent times when they introduced the Zenfone lineup, which arrives with industry-leading hardware specs.

Asus has unveiled the new members of the Zenfone family. This year they introduced the Zenfone 8 flip, which is the Pro version, and today we are here to discuss this one, the Zenfone 8, which is a compact device that might give a worthy competition to the iPhone 12 mini.

Let’s talk about the specs.

Asus has unveiled the new members of the Zenfone family. This year they introduced the Zenfone 8 flip.


The phone has a compact design with a frosted finish on the flat side back, and the front carries a gorgeous screen that feels responsive, the animations and interactions are smooth, and it keeps up rapid app switching. The phone also has an aluminium frame on the sides with super clicky buttons and a headphone jack. The device empanels Gorilla glass Victus on the front, it also houses the in-display fingerprint sensor, and the back supports a Gorilla Glass 3 support.

As far as the display goes, it may be small, but the display is a 5.9-inch 1080p OLED panel with a fast 120Hz refresh rate that makes routine interactions with the phone unique, and you can also switch between the standard 60Hz or even a 90Hz panel. There is also support for automatic screen refresh rate, which, if enabled, will automatically switch between 120 / 90 / 60Hz depending on the application being used at that particular time.

The display has a 20:9 aspect ratio and a firm grip in hand. The phone is slightly boxier with flat edges that easily fits into pockets. The smartphone also is certified and packs an IP68 rating for dust and water protection.

Asus Zenfone 8 on table


There is wild spread belief that the smaller the phone, the smaller the battery, but that’s not the case with this phone; it encompasses a 4,000mAh gives a stunning battery life even on heavy usage. Due to its compact design, the phone feels slightly heavy and weighs around 169 grams.

As far as the charging capacity goes, the phone supports a 30W wired charging itself; it barely provides 10W speed. To complete 0 to 100, the phones take about more than an hour with the adapter supplied inside the box. It doesn’t support wireless charging, which appears as a step-down compared to the 12 mini. But don’t worry, Asus has baked many features inside the software that helps you last your battery life longer than expected.

Speaking about software, The Zenfone 8 ships with Android 11, and the company promises to provide at least two major OS updates with three years of security updates. It can be considered another step down for any Android devices across the globe cause once you buy an apple, you don’t have to worry about software cause they provide almost 4-5 years of updates.


The Zenfone supports two cameras on the rear with an external camera bump. This year they went old school and added a 64MP primary shooter with OIS and a 12MP ultra-wide, rather than depth sensors, macro, monochromes, etc.

The primary camera produces 16-megapixel images with vibrant colors and plenty of detail in good light and shoots some decent pictures in artificial lighting and dark scenarios. As far as ultra-wide and night mode is concerned, they also seem to be promising. Overall, the camera system is good but not significant when compared to the iPhone 12 mini.


Despite the small comparison above, The Zenfone 8 delivers a flagship experience. It’s not Samsung or Google, but the Zenfone fills the void of compact smartphones in the Android market. If we can understand the difference, the 12 mini is smaller than the Zenfone 8, but the major factors for the close competition are the price factor and OS, where iPhone 12 mini gets an edge compared to the Zenfone.


The phone starts at 599 EUR (Roughly Rs 53,300). But as of now, due to the increasing surge of Covid-19 in India, they had to postpone the launch, but it will be launching in both Europe and Taiwan.


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