Can’t Decide What to Binge? These Secret Netflix Codes Will Help!

by Sai Vardhan

Can’t Decide What to Binge? These Secret Netflix Codes Will Help!

June 17, 2021

Do you too find it difficult to select a series or a movie to watch for the day or are you normal? If yes, then your indecision stops here. Read on for the magic tool that will sort out your binge life.

How? you ask. The key is simple enough, through Netflix Secret codes. These codes help you narrow down your choices, and are a great way to choose titles when you cannot agree on what to watch. So without any delay, let’s learn how to put these secret codes to work.

Netflix has a tendency to show you what THEY think you will want to watch based on they recommend.

How Does the Algorithm Work?

Netflix is one of the extensively used streaming services around the globe and has a vast catalogue of films and TV shows. The streaming platform also has special shows, movies, documentaries etc., based on the country you live in. The initial suggestion algorithm works with the specific shows or movies you watch.

However, we have recently seen Netflix launching some new features like ‘Play Something’ and other improvements that generally help users find something or randomly play something. Yet, these suggestions need a ton of refinement. So for people out there who wanna watch something peculiar, here’s the hidden handbook of incredibly detailed categories for movies, TV shows, etc.

What are the Secret Netflix Codes?

The codes are basically like GTA cheat codes. These codes are number specific, which can be entered to get access to more particular genre-specific shows. These new Netflix codes will indicate to you all the movies of a specific type, such as ‘Comic Book or Superhero Movies’ or ‘Movies established on kids’ books’ or ‘action and adventure’ or even ‘Scandinavian Movies’ if that’s a genre of films that excites you.

Here are some instances of Netflix Secret codes that most users might use:

Action & Adventure (1365), Indian Movies (10463), Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118), Crime Action & Adventure (9584), Movies founded on children’s books (10056), Classic War Movies (48744), Late Night Comedies (1402), Romantic Comedies (5475), Historical Documentaries (5349), Biographical Documentaries (3652), Real-life drama documentaries, movies (3653), Supernatural or Horror Movies (42023), Disney and Musicals specific (59433).

To binge on next on Netflix is one of the most trying decisions of our generation to date

How to use these Codes?

Knowing these codes isn’t going to help you in anyway if you don’t know how to use them. If you wish to operate Netflix’s secret codes, you’ll need to log in to your Netflix account on a browser, cause these codes won’t work inside the app and here are the steps you need to follow:

After logging into your account, sketch the URL after clicking on any genre, such as crime, action and adventures. The URL should go like this. Https://www.Netflix.Com/browse/genre/crimeactionandadventures

Now replace the last phrase, or to be precise, the genre of that URL with the number code you want to use. For example, you expect to watch movies labelled under martial arts, boxing & wrestling (6695). The URL should now look like https://www.Netflix.Com/browse/genre/6695

If you prefer to test another genre, you can put up the secret codes we’ve listed above and play around with them. So with these codes, you should be able to view Netflix’s movies and tv shows that mainly lay under that genre. 


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