Casio GSW-H1000 Rugged Smartwatch Comes With Goodness Of Google Wear OS

by Sai Vardhan

Casio GSW-H1000 Rugged Smartwatch Comes With Goodness Of Google Wear OS

April 3, 2021

Casio’s G shock line has always been designed for rugged and extreme situations, apt for trekking, hiking, mountain bike and other sports activities, etc. But now, with enhancing Google’s wear OS in their watch GSW-H1000, they have taken things a notch up.

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The front is equipped with a dual-layered display which is a combination of monochrome and an always-on LED with a 360x 360 resolution. Both screens are 1.2 inches across with a metallic bezel and support display of maps, sensor data and more. It also comes with the original G-SHOCK shock-resistant construction, a water-resistant microphone and charging port. 


The smartwatch comes with a special feature when it comes to battery. When it is inactive, it switches to ordinary timepiece mode, where it uses the monochrome display to extend the battery life. If you use it in normal mode, the battery lasts up to 1.5 days, whereas it can last for a month in multi timepiece mode.

Supports A Variety Of Sports

The watch entails more than 15 activities modes and 24 indoor workouts modes like running, cycling, biking, snowboarding, indoor workouts, swimming etc. In addition to an optical sensor to measure heart rate, the watch also sports a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, accelerometer and gyrometer. This hardware capability, employed along with the GPS location information the watch acquires from satellites, enables the watch to capture data such as route travelled, distance and speed — all very useful for people engaged in a broad range of sports.   This powerful hardware profile enables the watch to capture the data on distance, speed and pace which is so useful for people doing physical training. 

Final Word

Although the company hasn’t mentioned which processor it’s using, we can expect it to be Snapdragon 4100 since they’ve used it in other versions too.

The app to connect this watch with your smartphone is available in AppStore and play store. It can help you measure various training activities, progress verification and other history.

When it comes to price and availability, as of now the watch is only available in the US and the UK at the price point of 700$ and 600GBP which roughly is around 60k (GBP)and 52k (USD)in India which makes the apple watch cheaper and we still don’t know if they are thinking of launching this in India.

Nevertheless, it seems a great watch for the outdoors and makes a viable option in the market. But we are yet to find out how it works out and how it plays against apple since they are no doubt the leaders in the smartwatch industry.


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