Coast Capture is Selling Air for $100

by hridika ahire

Coast Capture is Selling Air for $100

April 27, 2021

Air Pollution

 Air pollution kills over seven million people every year, worldwide. Air pollution puts millions of people at risk of getting pollution-related diseases like respiratory infections, heart diseases, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), stroke, and even lung cancer. In 2008, the Blacksmith Institute listed Indoor air pollution and poor urban air quality as two of the world’s worst toxic pollution problems in their World’s Worst Polluted Places report.

Clean, dry air consists of 78 percent of nitrogen and 21 percent of oxygen by volume. The remaining 1 percent is a mixture of 0.9 percent of argon and small amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen, helium, and more. There are six major air pollutants designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “criteria” pollutants. Criteria here means the concentrations of these pollutants in the atmosphere are useful in indicating the air quality. The six air pollutants are Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NO and NO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Ozone(O3), Particulate matter, and lead (Pb).

The modern era is a luxury buy your fresh bottle of air at $105 per bottle price.

What Are Criteria Air Pollutants?

The gaseous criteria air pollutants are a major concern in urban areas. It includes sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon dioxide. These gases are emitted directly in the air from fossil fuels like fuel oil, gasoline, and natural gas that are burned in power plants and other combustion sources. Extremely small solid and liquid particles which are suspended in the air are called “particulates”. These particulates, especially the ones that are less than 10 micrometers in size, are major air pollutants because of the deadly effects they have on human health.

These particulates are emitted into the air by various industrial processes, coal, and oil-burning power plants, residential heating systems, and automobiles. Except for lead, all other criteria pollutants are emitted in urban countries at very high rates due to industrialization. These pollutants measure in millions of tons per year.

One More Luxury Product

It is the common man that suffers the most due to pollution due to the inaccessibility of affordable healthcare- for example, Cancer. Any type of cancer needs continuous tests, surgeries, radiotherapy, and a lifetime supply of medicine. This costs around 5 to 6 lakhs. If a person has to go through 6 cycles of chemotherapy, that costs up to Rs. 20 lakhs! That’s a lot of money for a common man to spend.

While the rich get every possible facility whether they need it or not. One such luxury product that only a rich man can afford is the Coast Capture Air, a company that sells ‘air’ for  $100. As ridiculous as it may sound, it is actually available in the UK. Now we have no idea if they are actually selling air. I mean, how would you even know if the bottle has air in it? Air is odorless, colorless, and is invisible.

Company's Assurance "We travel the length and breadth of Great Britain."

Coast Captured Air

You would agree that there is nothing like that warm breeze as you walk down the beach as your feet are imprinted on the wet sand. But the Coast Capture Air company lets you have the coastal breeze packed in a bottle so  you can always have the feeling of being on a coast even when you are not.

The UK-based company sells bottled fresh air to the inhabitants of Earth. The company stresses the point that clean, pure, and pollutant-free air in this era is a luxury. That is why people who live in the most polluted areas have been buying these bottles for practical purposes, inhaling the clean coastal air every day. That’s not even the best part. These little bottles of ‘freshest coastal air’ are being sold for up to $105 per bottle. It sells a 700ml bottle filled with ‘air’ from only the finest coastal air in all of Cornwall for over $100.

Company's Assurance

The company’s website says. “We travel the length and breadth of Great Britain. We visit remote locations of outstanding natural beauty. From here, we capture only the cleanest air. Many factors set us apart from similar companies. We monitor and measure every single bottle we capture. We use highly sensitive equipment to ensure the purity of each bottle. Our captures are therefore both unique and of the very highest quality.”

The people who were buying the bottles said that it helped them counter the harmful effects of air pollution. That is why the company kept on selling essentially empty bottles for $150. To be fair to the company, they aren’t the only ones selling Air. There are brands like Vitality Air that sell canned, fresh air from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, or Air de Montcuq that sells air from the French countryside.

How Far Would You Go?

If the prize wasn’t a shock to you, the company’s website even instructs you on how to use the product. According to them, you should find a peaceful place, clear your nasal cavity by blowing your nose, you should breathe from your diaphragm and not from your chest. Make sure that you put the cork back after you inhale the product to keep the expensive contents from escaping.

While it seems ridiculous, Coast Capture Air is the second most expensive bottle of air that one can come across. The number one spot goes to Genuine Mountain Air which comes from Switzerland. The business was found by an English man living in Switzerland. The business sells swiss mountain air collected from a secret location in the Alps for $167 per bottle. The things humans do to make money are ridiculous, even today. Would you ever go and buy a bottle that looks like an empty bottle and pay $167? We know we’d rather just experience the air straight from the beach or the mountains.


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