Deadpool’s Strange Relationship with Sidekick Bob, The Agent of Hydra!

by Aadarsh Jain

Deadpool’s Strange Relationship with Sidekick Bob, The Agent of Hydra!

May 24, 2021

Bob is a fairly average guy who was kidnapped (or rescued) from his post at a HYDRA base by the mercenary Deadpool. Deadpool has a variety of feelings for Bob, ranging from friendship to treating him like a pet.

Hail HYDRA ! Immortal HYDRA ! We shall never be destroyed ! Cut off a limb and two more shall take its place !

- Bob Dobalina
Bob was a common citizen in every way. He made $40,000 a year working for Hydra, believing they had a dental coverage (which they don’t). While at Hydra, Bob kept a blog, mostly about the ordinary, such as whining about the commissary food. When a pharmaceutical corporation hired Agent-X to infiltrate Hydra, he was captured, and the mercenary known as Deadpool mounted a rescue operation to release him.
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Bob was a common citizen in every way. He made $40,000 a year working for Hydra, believing they had a dental coverage.

The Mission

Agent of Hydra, Bob or Bob Dobalina was Deadpool’s sidekick. Bob was convinced to join the criminal organisation Hydra by his wife Allison, who blamed him of not being able to keep down a steady job.

During Deadpool’s attack on a Pakistani Hydra base, he encountered Bob and persuaded him to assist him. Bob was hesitant because Hydra wouldn’t let him back in after he betrayed them, but Deadpool, who was only four inches tall at the moment, tortured him with a security card until he succumbed. He then ordered Bob to fly them to safety in one of Hydra’s planes, despite Bob’s lack of piloting experience.

Creation Of The Character

Bob, Agent of HYDRA was created by Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown and it first appeared in Cable & Deadpool issue 38 (2007).

“He’s Deadpool’s largest and most ardent supporter. He thinks Wade is a well-adjusted individual, which tells us much about Bob’s massive dysfunction. Bob is a supplicating sycophant, but I’d like to learn more about him and see whether there’s more to him than that.” – Way, Daniel (writer)

Powers Of Bob

Bob is a completely ordinary guy in every aspect. He’s 33 years old and has ordinary (or below average) strength, agility, endurance, and intelligence. Despite his “freedom,” Bob continues to wear his Hydra uniform. Thanks to the training provided at HYDRA, Bob “achieves” in Stealth. Tactics of Retreat 101, Advanced Tactics of Surrender, and Hiding Places 301 were the classes given at HYDRA. Bob is able to avoid danger the majority of the time as a result of these classes

Deadpool And Bob

When Deadpool learned that Wolverine was heading to the HYDRA base to clean it out, he took Bob along to save Weasel, maybe for use in a hostage exchange. With his Penetraitor armour, Weasel had talking himself into the role of section chief, but he was sadly Wolverine’s primary target.

When Wolverine decapitated Deadpool, Bob had to chase down the head in the midst of the battle and reattach it before Deadpool sustained (further) brain injury.

The head of Deadpool was subsequently reattached.

When Weasel’s scheme came to fruition and he teleported all of the remaining HYDRA agents in the base into captivity, they made peace with Wolverine.

Deadpool always thought Bob as his pet more than a friend and Bob sincerely agreed everytime Deadpool asked for something because sources say he still is Deadpool’s biggest fanboy!


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