Facebook is Testing a Video Speed Dating App Called Sparked

by Sai Vardhan

Facebook is Testing a Video Speed Dating App Called Sparked

April 16, 2021

Finding a companion has constantly been an integral part of human nature, but the paths for finding the perfect companion can be troublesome. This is the reason that has prompted the arrival of several dating platforms in the market, which now includes Facebook with its video speed dating app, Sparked.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation or the NPE team have showcased their new product which they developed in recently, a a dating app called ‘Sparked’. A video-only app that lets users spend quality time with a prospective partner. 

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A Second Date

Although this is Facebook’s second experiment with a different approach, the first platform ‘Facebook Dating’ was launched back in 2019 on the website which was restricted just for the US. But the website platform pursues the traditional way of finding matches through swiping, dm’s etc. Later, they introduced the video chat feature at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic but it didn’t work out.

Facebook users used to log in with their FB Ids based on which, their interests, hobbies and similar events could be seen by  potential partners. The platform gained a substantial amount of users, but the competition was better. And the company’s dating platform never found its mate in India.

Getting to Know Each Other

Facebook has launched this application with a whole new perspective and is confident of capturing the right audience.

The video only app would require users to log in through their Facebook profile, which will put you on a wait-list, initially. The USP of this app is that it tries to filter ‘kind hearted’ people through a detailed questionnaire, where the user has to best prove their case of being kind. After the series of questions, It will allow you to speed-date over videos, which can last for 4 minutes.

Later, If both enjoy the first date, they will get an opportunity to go on a 10-minute second date, following which they can exchange contact details like Instagram, email and other social media handles. The app doesn’t follow any traditional social media features such as DMs, or swiping right or left, etc. And to put the cherry on the sundae, it is free to use.

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As per ‘The Verge’, people need be to be kind enough to date on the app and there will also be a team that will monitor the level of kindness over the course the usage.

 Facebook is determined to succeed in the competition with every available social media platform, by launching similar apps with more user friendly features, and this time they’re taking rival dating apps head on, such as Tinder, Bumble etc.

Moreover, this app might be a major plus point to the company because it allows people to virtually date each other during this pandemic, with people holed up in their homes and desperately missing the human connection this could be a hit. There are also rumors of additional features with future updates. 

However, the app is in its early beta stages where they tested it with a closed group of people and as of yet we don’t have any  information regarding its launch and its availability in India. But with a product like this Facebook could give Bumble and Tinder a run for their money. 


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