Can Facebook’s Revamped Interface Offer Users More Control over Their New Feed?

by Sai Vardhan

Can Facebook’s Revamped Interface Offer Users More Control over Their New Feed?

June 8, 2021

Does retaining a personalised news feed so substantial? well yeah, that rings a relevant question can this algorithm-based feed shows post related to our interest? or having a choice on the selection of this interest makes more significance?

Facebook is one of the enormous social media apps which is being used around the globe with 2.6 billion users actively every month despite its numerous data privacy policies and cases related, making Facebook the least trustable social media app and around weeks ago we have seen all the news and chaos which turned into a controversial topic of how FB is controlling us mentally, by influencing our feeds and making us look at what they want by their algorithm established process.

With all this running on, FB’s vice president Nick Clegg in a very lengthy blog post defended the organization’s use over how these algorithms are interlinked by the users and the algorithms that convey them with personalized content is surprisingly good. But netizens trolled over that as these algorithm-based feed is giving misinformation and enabling users to view unhealthy content, contradicting that users demanded they need to have more control over their feed.

Nevertheless, Clegg admitted that there was a lack of transparency over how these algorithms operate and acknowledged the reality of how users need to have authority over what they view.

Clegg admitted that there was a lack of transparency over how facebook's algorithms operate.

Could This Be A New Beginning...!

However, the company immediately pushed an update to their app including a feature called as “FEED FILTER BAR” toggle which makes users switch between algorithm-based feed and a sorted chronological feed, while chronological order helps the user to revamp the main user feed page by letting people see more posts from friends, contacts available and public pages which are interesting and appropriate to the user.
This new tool furthermore helps in regulating who comments or likes on public /private posts giving the user more control and curating the feed page expressing users tastes, interests and preferences.
Even though related features are available on the settings page deep, this new method appears promising cause it depends on user choice, rather than relying upon the algorithms with a single toggle.

This update isn’t limited to a single feature, the company also added a few new ones which is called “FAVORITES” which help people selecting up to any 30 pages and friends making it a high priority showing their posts first and also coming to advertisements users can now view more appropriate reasons on why I am seeing this ?” rather than those algorithm-based.

As of now, this update is available for Android users and According to the company, IOS users can also expect it by next week.

Although, all these features have quite resembled its little brother Instagram, making an effort towards giving the user a more controlled experience allowing them to see what matters to you is a serious take that doesn’t go without saying that FB respects users, listen to them and strive on giving better experience.


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