FaceTime is Now Available for Android and Windows Users. Here is How You Can Enjoy a Video Chat With Your Apple Friends!

by Sai Vardhan

FaceTime is Now Available for Android and Windows Users. Here is How You Can Enjoy a Video Chat With Your Apple Friends!

June 9, 2021

Apple disclosed several updates to its latest software at the WWDC event, and one of the biggest highlights was, of course, Apple's iOS 15 operating system and substantial revolutionary changes pushed towards apps. One such app was the FaceTime app which now enables Android and Windows users to use Facetime.

Apple's Bid in The Vid/Con Market

Android and Windows users finally have a reason to celebrate Apple’s yearly updates. During its keynote, Apple announced an update to its facetime app through which your iPhone friends can create a link that will allow Android and Windows users to connect the call via a web browser.

Apart from that, FaceTime has also earned several improvements in the approaching iOS 15 operating system, which will undoubtedly act and look like Zoom calls, Microsoft Team’s, Google Meet, etc. but more fun. Before explaining the fun side, let’s talk about some productivity and professional features that the app is bringing. So there is now a grid view for all participants along with a spatial audio element embedded. You can also schedule the calls and a feature called portrait mode, which significantly blurs your background. They also introduced a voice isolation feature which, in simple words, helps you cancel external noise when you in a meeting.

messenger video calling
Android and Windows users finally able to use facetime on their systems.

Apart from the above updates, they also introduced a crucial feature called Share Play which lets you participate or as the name suggests, enables you to share your screen with your gang where you can enjoy listening to music, watching TV series, or movie, podcast etc. And all this happens in perfect sync.

As explained, this detail helps you pull in songs and videos and show what you liked in some movie or show. Or you can share your screen, and you can also chat with friends with iMessage in the background. Many primary partners have already started supporting these feature with big brands like Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Masterclass etc. Since share play is an open-source API, people expect significant players like Amazon, Netflix, etc., to extend their support soon.

How to Join a Facetime Call from Your Android or Windows Device?

How does one join in face time calls using their Android or Windows platform?

As we already explained, if you’re rocking an Android or Windows device and have a colleague or gang with an Apple device. They can create and send you a link to a FaceTime call via text, email, WhatsApp etc. All you need to do is tap on that link, redirect you to the browser and join the call. It’s that simple.

In conclusion, all these new features and updates to support Android and Windows platform out of the blue are just Apple’s way of telling they are competing in the race but not without creating a sustainable environment. A user-friendly perspective would be that Apple is trying to create and compete in a more interactive and hang-out space than a general video call experience.


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