GMC Hummer EV SUV is Connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe

by Adarsh Modi

GMC Hummer EV SUV is Connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe

April 17, 2021

How many times have you experienced or watched a sci-fi movie and wished that you could somehow get your hands on the next gen tech?

Marvel Cinematic Universe has enthralled and entertained audiences for over a decade now and most of us are hooked to it. The emotional responses they manage to evoke out of their audiences makes them exceptional in what they do. 

An image showing characters of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You could rack your brains and come up with a hundred things that you find amazing, in those movies. But one inherent element that is present in each and every film without fail is the suave and mind-boggling motion graphics that give the film the signature Marvel look. Be it Tony’s gadgets or Jarvis’s UI, be it the SHIELD HQ interface or Wakandan science fiction-every UI or motion graphic leaves an imprint on our brain. The credit of this feat goes to the Design studio ‘Perception’ that has been working with Marvel for a decade. Perception has managed to create such pieces of graphics that can be considered ‘art’ in themselves. 

Now, Perception has teamed up with General Motors to design and deliver futuristic UIs for their flagship Hummer EV SUV’s digital gauge cluster, central screen, HVAC screen, and other user interfaces. The UI will be designed on the treads of a ‘lunar theme’ giving it a high tech Sci-fi vibe inspired from the Marvel blockbusters, and branding it as a rough off road vehicle with a futuristic outlook that brings in several target groups together, raising Hummer’s already established stock even higher.  

According to the studio’s creative director John Le Pore, the sci-fi dashboard displays are supposed to be ‘tactical’ and give out a lot of information quickly. The cinematic bits of the UI can be operated through the Hummer’s Off road App pro view function. The vehicle displays 3 widgets at a time on the 13.4-inch touchscreen and has a total of 10 off-road widgets. 

This is also not the first time Perception has partnered up with an automobile brand owing to their past collaborations with Mercedes, Audi and also the Ford Gt supercar. 

This is not the first time that mainstream pop culture has transcended into the realm of reality and it certainly will not be the last. Honestly, it feels quite cool when something like this happens, when your vicarious fantasies are almost acknowledged by something that’s completely grounded in reality. 


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