Google Accidentally Announced the Awaited and Affordable Version of Pixel Buds!

by Sai Vardhan

Google Accidentally Announced the Awaited and Affordable Version of Pixel Buds!

May 9, 2021

As predicted prior, Google had suddenly Spilled the Beans about the Pixel Buds A on Twitter and it is now ascertained that we can expect this product to be launched in the most awaited Google I/O event.

So Google is rumored to release a new pair of TWS earbuds which will be a more affordable version to the pixel buds available in the market and there are likely called pixel buds A. As per the latest report, Google may have accidentally confirmed this just ahead of the launch on its official Twitter page and also it was reported to be seen in a google german store listings.

MicrosoftTeams image 87


so in the tweet, an image was posted announcing the new Pixel Buds A-series.

tweet image source Gizmodo

The tweet was deleted immediately after a short time. First of all, this was tweeted from the official Android account which proves a lot more than you expect. Hopping on Google showcased the new version of its TWS Pixel Buds while revealing the features such as quality sound, one-tap Bluetooth pairing, updated fast paring experience etc.


It was not only the accidental tweet relatively it was also spotted in Casey’s Blog, Here rather like an official tweek they directly added the listing in Google’s Germany store page itself and it was available as pixel buds A series.

image of Google’s German store source caschy’s blog

from the above image, we can clearly understand the information that there is a new line up of series called pixel buds A series will be introduced. So it likes the affordable version similar to the pixel A series smartphones.

MicrosoftTeams image 86


While Google may have split out the surprise element with Pixel Buds A beforehand only and this isn’t the first time we have seen google doing it and it’s also rumored way back from last year itself that google is working on pixel buds less expensive version.

It is also rumored that this so-called affordable version might still retain all the basic features as of pixel buds and it’s anticipated that this year the there won’t be a lot of changes in design aspect rather will be a handful of colour options over the white coat itself.

So like we explained in our Android 12 article, this year Google is paired and excited to bring a lot more challenging changes and significant improvements to its products and likewise is also expected to be the best Google I/O event cause apart from the announcement there will be a ton of products that might be available. So it’s still a bit confusing that will google announce this TWS at Google I/O 2021 or not.

So in conclusion, we say you to wait for the event which is just days away and unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any price or launch details from the deleted tweet but it’s rumored to available at $180.


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