Google’s Foldable Pixel might use Samsung’s displays. Here’s All you Need to Know

by Sai Vardhan

Google’s Foldable Pixel might use Samsung’s displays. Here’s All you Need to Know

June 3, 2021

Google has been rumored to be toiling on a foldable device for the lengthiest period now, and as per the latest reports, it's rumored that they'll be using Samsung's ultra-thin glass (UTG). Notably, it is also reported that Samsung will only supply its UTG to phone manufacturers producing foldable devices themselves.

Why is Samsung's display best?

Samsung displays have an edge over others cause they use the best OLED material, which results in the UTG. Unlike the plastic material used on top of the regular flexible screen, UTG offers good durability and a finish similar to conventional smartphone displays. That said, it’s still more comfortable than ordinary screens, and hopefully, the latest iteration will be further resistant to scratches. 

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More Proof

Although Samsung hasn’t sold its UTG like hotcakes because other manufacturers presumably considered it as expensive. Now Samsung is getting out in the market selling their displays to various manufactures cause it seems that foldable and other bizarre form displays like rollable etc., are gradually becoming a regular part of the smartphone industry.

Although Apple is rumored to be struggling on the foldable phone, and yes, they are still far away from developing and delivering the actual product, but that’s not the case with Google. Just as startling, Google has already seemed to push the development heavily with the help of Samsung and in preparation for a vanilla-based foldable device. It will have the  Samsung Display, and that said, the Korean giant will deliver the critical element for this foldable Google device. After all, It’s a no brainer to say that Samsung will be the source for Google cause Samsung manufactures such exceptional foldable displays. Nevertheless, the leaks, according to reports, suggest that this display which they use will create a device to play against Samsung Electronics and their global folding phones itself like the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series.


As explained, the report presents that Samsung Display will make its way into the hands of other smartphone makers by the second half of this year. This certainly raises anticipation that we might hear more about foldable phones from Google soon.

Earlier, according to a 9to5 Google report, it’s tangible that Google plans to introduce three new smartphones this fall, and one among them could be the foldable device viz. code-named as Passport. The model numbers of the Japanese version have surfaced online, which reveals Barbet (Pixel 5a 5G) G4S1M, Oriole (Pixel 6 family) GR1YH, Raven (Pixel 6 family) GF5KQ, Passport (Pixel foldable) GPQ72.

Business Strategy

From the business viewpoint, some might marvel at the strategy of Samsung supplying displays to its rivals. But it’s a well-known fact that the Korean giant is already a star in the foldable phone space and display production. And so far ahead that they are not insecure about their competitors catching up to them soon. It could also become an advantage for Samsung Electronics as more foldable competitors will eventually end up creating a market demand for the same. 


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