Google I/O was a hit but where are the rumored products?

by Sai Vardhan

Google I/O was a hit but where are the rumored products?

May 20, 2021

Google announced many developments about the software with the new Android 12, and it has focused more on privacy and how it's integrated. But you might wonder what happens to the rumored products like the new Pixel, affordable buds and other gadgets. When will they launch?

For the last one month, it was all about Google, and rumors spread like wildfire about the new products like Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 series and accessories, and the affordable version of Pixel buds. The tech consumers and businesses thought Google might unveil this product as a part of their developer event. But it failed everyone’s expectations when none of the gadgets showed up.

The tech consumers and businesses thought Google might unveil this product as a part of their developer event.

When can we expect these products?

Google opening day was an enjoyable event with new software announcements, upcoming projects, and improvements brought to the present apps, software for a better user experience. As far as software goes, people have already started rocking Android 12 and appreciating Google for the overhaul changes, which was due for a long time.

While several people were presuming that there will be a stage set for the new gadgets on day 2, none of them was announced or hinted at, leaving users disappointed. Now that the products are not launched, it raised the question of when will they arrive?

The Techtober

Yes, the simple intention and only explanation could be that the company is holding off their products for the fall or the October event. We heard a couple of orators speaking that Pixel would be the best launch by the end of the year the new integrations. 

While there have been constant rumors from noticeable tipsters and Android itself, Google seems to halt them off. Meanwhile, we are also constantly following up on the leaks and words; it already helped us understand more about the upcoming products and lineup. We think holding off and launching with all new integration and features for a better user experience adds more value than launching in a hurry.

Pixel 5 header 2 scaled 1
Google is holding off their products for the fall or the October event called Techtober.

What can we expect from our upcoming products?

Let’s jog our memories once again if we have forgotten about these products.

Pixel 5a

Pixel 5a will be a mid-ranger, and the company announced that this smartphone would be only specific to the US and Japan market. The critical aspects of the smartphone, according to rumors, might include Qualcomm’s 765G SoC ( it is almost specific that it will encompass this chip only). The firm also revealed that there wouldn’t be significant changes from a design perspective and will follow pixel 4a 5G. From what we understand, there won’t be a lot of change in the camera aspect also. But there are rumors that the upcoming budget pixel will significantly improve over the last generation battery. It might also be launched in three color variants.

Pixel 6 Lineup

Some renders have been leaked about the upcoming lineup, which was subjected as a big leak cause the renders were tipped by Jon posser. The leaks have disclosed the complete design of the Pixel 6. From what we observe, the leaks of Pixel 6 suggest that the company is again on the path of bringing two big phones with high-end specs and design changes which might also be the reason for the delay of the products in this I/O event.

The renders suggest that the new phones will undergo design changes from both camera and structure perspective. Also, the Pixel 6 Pro seems to retain the triple camera layout.

New Chipsets

Also, one of the primary reason for not announcing any products might be the delay of in-house chips. You heard that speculation about the new chips that Google is making by themselves and would introduce them in the Pixel 6 lineups. This chipset will be specially designed and integrated only to Pixels, rumors suggested.

Pixel Buds- A Series

As for the Pixel Buds, A-Series was one of the only products from the above, which was confirmed by Google itself on their Twitter handle and was also taken out immediately after a couple of minutes. So we can assume that Google thought launching them with the affordable phone would make more sense than throwing them individually. So we might expect them at the October event itself.

Good news that will cheer you up

One thing that will ensure that Google is thinking about launching these devices is the code names. Of course, after the release of the latest version for public test and when people have looked upon it, they had found numerous mentions about the upcoming Pixel devices. It was hinted in the form of model names, and below are the mention of the code names.

G4S1M (Pixel 5a 5G) “Barbet”

GR1YH (Pixel 6 family) “Oriole.”

GF5KQ (Pixel 6 family) “Raven.”

GPQ72 (Pixel foldable) “Passport.”

The above code names suggest that these numbers are specific to Japanese variants, but it signifies the Google works in the pipeline. From the above, we can also see a code or a model name for a fourth device that specifies as a foldable smartphone might come into existence pretty soon. But at this time, the foldable seems nothing at all but a hypothesis.

In conclusion, holding these products, for now, makes more sense given the circumstances of chip shortage, pandemic on the one hand. As explained, they have crazy stuff to add to the Pixels and their products, making them more user friendly. But still, it’s Google we are talking about, and they could pull the surprise and launch whenever they want.


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