Hollywood to Hollyweed, Here are California’s biggest pranks

by Aadarsh Jain

Hollywood to Hollyweed, Here are California’s biggest pranks

April 23, 2021

The 'Hollywood' sign, formerly known as 'Hollywoodland,' is a cultural phenomenon in Los Angeles, California, and an American landmark. This 45-foot-tall sign is located on Mount Lee. But did you know that this sign was altered to "Hollyweed" twice as a joke?

Hollyweed - Prank or Tribute?

In 2017, a prankster climbed Mount Lee under the cover of night, armed with four tarpaulins, to change the famous landmark. He was successful in his attempt to change the sign from ‘Hollywood’ to ‘Hollyweed.’ The lone person climbed Mount Lee at 3 a.m., scaled up the sign’s height, and placed ladders across both ‘O’s to convert them to ‘E’s, according to CCTV footage. “It may have been a New Year’s joke or a thrill for someone,” officials said. A peace sign was embroidered on one of the tarpaulins, and a heart was engraved on the other. Some residents believe the change reflects California’s recent decision to legalise recreational marijuana.

Hollyweed OnePath Medical

Hollyweed During The 70s

Cal State Northridge student Daniel Finegood scaled Mount Lee with $50 worth of curtains on New Year’s Day of 1976, and the famous sign became ‘Hollyweed’ for the first time. He earned an A for his art class project on the modification. That was also the first day in California that “Marijuana” was listed as a nuisance rather than a crime. Back in 1975, Daniel modified the sign with pure curtains.

The sign has been updated several times, including in 1983 when it was changed to ‘Go Navy’ and again in 1987 when it was changed to ‘Holywood.’ It was renamed ‘Save The Peak’ in 2010. These modifications, however, were not permanent; the famous sign’s only permanent signature is “Hollywood.”


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