Illuminati: More Than A Conspiracy, Beginning Of A New World

by Vrinda Jain
Illuminati: More Than A Conspiracy, Beginning Of A New World

May 3, 2021

Most of us have heard and read about the Illuminati once in our lives. There are countless conspiracy theories and Illuminati watchers that come out every day. The Illuminati definitely has our attention!

From celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce, Madonna to even the former Presidents of The United States Donald Trump and Barack Obama are considered to be a part of the Illuminati. But this is not it; there are painters, sculptors and people from various eras that are known to be associated with them.

We may not know why these celebrities join the secret society, but being a part of that, we can certainly know about the positions they hold in and how they joined the Illuminati. For instance, Kanye West is a prominent member of the society made his wife, Kim Kardashian, also join it. Even Beyonce is rumoured to be the woman who runs the place and takes charge of it.

These might be some of the things that you might have heard before, but ever wondered what does the Illuminati actually wants from this world?

There are many people and celebs considered to be the part oi Illuminati.

What is the Illuminati?

Illuminati, is believed or referred to different classes of people who appeared to be differently ‘enlightened’. Illuminati refers to two distinct groups: the original Illuminati, founded more than two centuries ago as a secret society aimed at dismantling oppressive governments and the religious intolerance that dominated society at the time, which has now transformed into myth. Today, this myth is related to the concept of a New World Order, an apparent secret totalitarian world government that conspiracy theorists claim is manipulating the world.

It was founded as a Masonic community in 1776 by the German philosopher Adam Weishaupt to free humanity from all types of political, mental and physical slavery. As the name suggests, they were bent on leading individuals towards enlightenment but noticed that society was constrained by those in authority who sought to preserve influence and did not care for individuals’ well-being. Recognizing the hypocrisy of politicians and nobles and how organised religion has hindered science and spiritual growth, they set out to stop these institutions spread.

Illuminati, is believed or referred to different classes of people who appeared to be differently 'enlightened'.

Who is Adam Weishaupt, and why did he form this society?

Adam Weishaupt, a 18th-century German philosopher, was born in Ingolstadt, a Bavaria city (now Germany). Weishaupt was a descendant of the Christian converts of the Jews. Orphaned at a young age, his scholarly uncle took charge of his education, enrolling him in the Jesuit school. After finishing his studies, he became professor of natural and canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. There he also got married and started his own family. It was a typical enough career on its face until the Bavarian state learned of its incendiary concept in 1784.

Upon realising that religious ideas were no longer an appropriate belief structure to rule modern societies, he decided to find another type of “enlightenment,” a collection of philosophies that could be applied to change the way European states were operated fundamentally.

At that time, when Freemasonry was expanding in Europe, Weishaupt was disillusioned about the many ideas that came from it. He later absorbed himself into various books and esoteric themes, until he decided to start his own society.

Johann Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher, professor of civil law and later canon law, and founder of the Illuminati, a secret society.

How did the secret society begin?

The main idea of Weishaupt when he first started his society was not to be against religion but was against the idea of how it was practised and imposed. In his work, he offered freedom from “all religious prejudices” and to achieve the same; it was necessary to create state liberty and morality free from subordinations, the rich and the existing ranks in the society that everyone follows.

On May 1, 1776, the first meeting of Illuminati was held in a forest near Ingolstadt. There aim was to find an order.  There were five men in the torchlight. There they laid down the laws that would govern the order. All potential admission candidates needed the approval of the members, a good reputation and needed to be from well-established family, social ties, and wealth.

At the outset, there were three tiers of membership: novices, minervals, and illuminated minervals. Minerval referred to the Roman goddess of wisdom. And illuminated Minervals, representing the purpose of the order to spread true knowledge, or enlightenment, about how society and the state should be reshaped.

On May 1, 1776, the first meeting of Illuminati was held in a forest near Ingolstadt

How did the Illuminati managed to expand themselves?

Over the years that followed, Weishaupt’s secret order expanded considerably in size and influence, probably numbering 600 members by 1782. They included important figures in public life of Bavaria. At first, the Illuminati were restricted to the students of Weishaupt, and the membership was extended to include noblemen, politicians, physicians, lawyers and jurists, as well as philosophers and some leading authors. But till 1784, Illuminati had around 3,000 members.

Baron von Knigge, a German writer and a former leader of the Freemasons group, played a very important role in society’s organisation and growth. As a former Freemason, he was in support of the introduction of rituals identical to theirs. Members of the Illuminati were given a coded “secret” name which was taken from the medieval period. For example, Weishaupt was called as Spartacus.

The membership standard has also become of a more complicated hierarchy. There was a total of 13 degrees of initiation, divided into three grades. The first resulted in the degree of the minor illuminatus, the second of the rulers of the illuminatus, and the third of the king.

The fall of the Illuminati

However, internal and external pressures paved the way to end the expansion of the Order into the top ranks of Bavarian influence. Weishaupt and Knigge were constantly fighting over the order’s goals and procedures, a dispute that eventually forced Knigge to leave the society. At the same time, Joseph Utzschneider a former member of the society, wrote a letter to the Grand Duchess of Bavaria, purporting to remove the cover of this secret society.

The letter he wrote was a mix of truths and lies. As per Utzschneider, the Illuminati claimed that suicide was legal, that their adversaries should be poisoned, and that religion was ridiculous. He also suggested that the Illuminati conspired against Bavaria on behalf of Austria. In the months that followed, the Bavarian government passed a law that banned the secret society. In the process of the arrests of members, the Bavarian police found extremely revealing documents, including the support of suicide and atheism, a proposal to establish a female branch of order, and medical instructions for abortions. The testimony was used as the justification for the charge of an order of conspiracy against religion and the state.

Later the Bavarian government also banned and imposed a death penalty even for the membership in the Illuminati. Due to this Adam Weishaupt, lost his job at the university and was banished from the country. He then moved to Gotha in Saxony. There he taught philosophy at the University of Göttingen.

What really is the new world order?

Although the original Illuminati had vanished into the fog of history and turned into various conspiracies, they had left several other communities to continue their work. The spirit of the Illuminati can be found today in online dissent and counter-culture movements. The New World Order will be best represented as the Old World Order, as it is made up of old banking families and aristocracy. Many conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order is the latest manifestation of the Illuminati, and their goal is the opposite of the original Illuminati, who respected individual freedom above all forms of power. The New World Order exists and seeks to govern the society.

Do you want to be a part of Illuminati today?

By the time you reach the end of this article, it’s inevitable that Illuminati definitely holds your interest. While we may not know the reasons of what drives common people and celebrities to join this secret society, there is one way to learn about their current practices and actually to be a part of this group!

The Illuminati has a website of their own. Yes! You read it right, a website of the secret society. By the name of Illuminatiofficial.org, the websites offer an insight into their beliefs, about them, authentic items, contact information and a link to join the Illuminati.


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