Do Humans Have The Power of Regeneration? The Answer Is Shocking

by Madonna Watts D'Souza
Do Humans Have The Power of Regeneration? The Answer Is Shocking

January 7, 2021

Humans with the 'Power of Regeneration'- sounds real in comics, and perhaps in your imagination.

But there is evidence that humans can regrow body parts, just not in the way you'd think.

As we look around us, the world appears so different. What was once fiction has now turned into a reality. And with the advent of science, whatever is yet fictitious could become a tangible object in our hands. Some of the most wanted developments amongst humans are the ability to fly, time travel, turn invisible and maybe scare a stranger on the streets with simple tricks, telepathy, and the immense power of regeneration.

While it has been concluded for now that humans cannot fly due to heavy bones that aren’t hollow and the lack of optimal blood pressure, we can’t time travel either. We cannot, as of yet, transmit neuroelectrical signals from one brain to another. However, there is one power hidden deep inside us, which can be activated with intense research. The good news we have is that one can observe this power in the specific stages of a human’s life. That is the power of regeneration.

Why is Regeneration Present in Several Animals- including Humans?

At its core, regeneration is a survival mechanism in case an organism sustains significant damage. The resurrection power is usually relatively high in animals like starfish, hydra, planaria, zebrafish, the icky or magnificent lizards, etc. Out of which, hydra and planaria have the highest regeneration capacity and can regrow their whole body!

But where exactly are humans in the regeneration formula? Well, it all begins in your mother’s womb. When you were a microscopic zygote, you started your journey as a single cell. This cell had the power to divide into all of the different cells present in your bones, skin, organs, and brain, which help you survive today. This is known as Totipotency. After about four days of fertilisation, a Zygote differentiates into all the possible cells required for your development.

image 1 4
This acorn worm has grown a new head, internal organs and neural tube within fifteen days after being cut in half. Scientists believe humans have nearly all the genes needed to regenerate in a similar way, if the process is unlockedShawn Luttrell/University of Washington

What happens next is that your cells have been entrusted with responsibilities and now turn into specialised cells. For example, cells responsible for developing your mesoderm (which forms your muscles, bones, and blood) will divide into mesodermal cells.

This ability is known as pluripotency, where your cells can differentiate into the three germ layers known as ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. These are all possible because of your stem cells. But now that you have all grown up, you definitely can wonder, where did these powers suddenly disappear?

The Power of Regeneration is Within You

Children have the power of regeneration to completely regrow their fingertips, with a 7-year-old being the evidence. This isn’t a frequent occurrence, but it happens. According to Dr. Christopher Allan in an article on the University of Washington’s HSNewBeat, a 7-year-old girl had visited him. She had lost the tip of her finger after getting it stuck in the spokes of her brother’s bicycle wheel.

Dr. Allan decided to stick the tip back on. However, after eight weeks, he was shocked to see that the girl’s old stuck fingertip had died, and a new fingertip had grown in place of that. Although this isn’t yet possible in adult humans, some organs have a sufficient amount of regeneration.

The liver is an efficiently regenerative part of the human body. If a significant liver is lost due to diseases or injuries, the liver can successfully grow up to 90% of its original size. This is an essential factor during liver transplant, where both the donor and the receiver grow a fully functional liver up to 90% of its original size.

The second organ is the uterus. The inner layer of the uterus is known as the endometrium. It sheds and causes the ‘menstrual bleeding’ in women and quickly grows another layer of the endometrium. The endometrium is a protective layer for the baby, and if the female hasn’t generally conceived, the endometrium sheds. The uterus also needs to grow and shrink accordingly to accommodate a baby, which explains that the uterus has regenerative powers.

Humans May Regenerate More Body Parts

Scientists are now researching new ways to activate potential regenerative cells within the human body to initiate a probable process of regeneration. They are currently observing zebrafish and mice cells to establish whether environmental conditions can support or sever the cell regeneration of mammals. These regenerative cells additionally need to be provided with a chance to battle it out during the healing process.

As scientists try to crack the code for human regeneration, they are also gradually developing a treatment process for regrowing the tissues and bones, leading to a breakthrough in science. Maybe years into the future, Wolverine won’t just be a Marvel superhero seen in films and comics.

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