If You’re an iPhone User, Would you Like to Pay for Instagram and Facebook?

by Sai Vardhan

If You’re an iPhone User, Would you Like to Pay for Instagram and Facebook?

May 4, 2021

Apple and Facebook have been involved in a tug of war ever since Apple declared its intention of launching the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature in iOS 14.5. Since then, Facebook has been making things more complicated for apple.

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Last week we saw that the ATT feature was brought live in ios 14.5 updates, and it developed a lot of buzz in the market. This new feature indirectly forces apps to add a system-level prompt asking customers to be tracked via a certain app and receive tailored and practical ads only.

But Facebook is in no mood to accept this because it might prompt users to disable tracking through this feature, costing Facebook its advertising business. So now Facebook is urging people who use an iPhone through a prompt to keep the status quo as is. Facebook says that they will use this information based on your activity from other apps and show ads according to your interests only.

As a part of this new policy, many app developers have already included this policy and implemented the ATT service. As the reports suggest, if any developer wants to cater to targeted ads, they can still use other user information, but the only catch is that the 3rd party companies cannot access this information.  

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So Facebook currently, in a weird way, is hinting and kind of forcing iPhone customers to leave the app tracking enabled at all the times under Apple’s private app tracking policy which will help them to use both Instagram and Facebook apps for free or else they might be charged. As expected, this was hinted at in both the major iOS apps, Facebook and Instagram, without any delay. Technology researcher Ashkan Soltani shared the screenshot of these pop-up on his Twitter.


As the tweet suggests, it prompts a message that shows “Help keep Facebook/Instagram free of charge”. The notifications also mention what this latest version of iOS requires and how Facebook and Instagram limit the use of users information.

In the tweet, the most concerning part are the words “help keep the app free of charge”, indicating the company might start charging users for the services any time soon.

Facebook has already warned the users about the ATT as soon Apple revealed their plans, stating the restrictions on ads and their impact on iPhone users.

Apple still hasn’t responded yet, and it is crucial for it to now make a move and update its customer base.


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