Instagram Enables The Auto Caption Feature in the IGTV!

by Sai Vardhan

Instagram Enables The Auto Caption Feature in the IGTV!

May 5, 2021

Instagram has initiated a fresh feature in their app which now allows the users to add caption stickers for Stories which will automatically transcribe the speech in the videos. Presently, the feature is accessible only in the English language.

As per the reports, The Facebook-owned company is working on introducing a new feature that generates captioning support in the IGTV. As of now, this feature will be available in countries that support English language and in future, it might support more languages and spread wide in more countries too.

Instagram is introducing a new feature that generates captioning support in the IGTV.

What Exactly Are Caption Stickers?

In simple terms, Caption Stickers will automatically transcribe the speech of the video in text. It’s more or less like the live caption feature which google delivers. It is generally used for people who are suffering from a hearing problem or for people who want to watch videos without turning on the sound in public. Currently, this feature is already available on IGTV and thread’s app.

Does It Add Any Value?

The transcribed captions usually catch the sounding word and also pick up the grammatical mistakes too. But unlike google’s live caption Users can now make adjust and correct them in the caption stickers. Furthermore, it’s an Instagram feature so users can make changes according to their will, like changing fonts, font style, colours as preferred. But since the feature is available with just limited options for customizing, they can opt to make their Stories absolute like always by adding emoji’s, using tools etc.

To enable these Captions stickers in Instagram stories, users just need to access the dedicated button in the quick panel available or swipe the panel up and access it.

Also similarly, Instagram has always been working on filters and making them more user friendly every day and recently it also rolled out an option to tackle abusive direct messages. In the coming weeks, users will be able to block people and prevent them from sending direct messages, which is another addition to privacy controls.  

Nevertheless, in the past we have observed that other platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, Twitter spaces etc have all added and improved the automated captions feature and Facebook-owned Instagram adding and expanding such useful features is just an added benefit to reach a wider set of audiences.

So in conclusion, this new auto transcribe feature seems to be cool and it’s predicted to be the most accurate yet. We are yet to see how it will pan out when it will be rolled out widely to all users and in different languages.


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