Deep-Fried Water Is Real Or Fake?

by Kareena Dodeja

Deep-Fried Water Is Real Or Fake?

April 1, 2021

We have tried all the trends possible during the pandemic- from Dalgona coffee to the baked feta cheese pasta challenge, but the weirdest so far can knock your socks off. Deep-Fried Water. Yes, this is an actual thing, and might be stunned as well. It is not boiling water, find how to make it!

The Recipe Is A Chemistry Lesson

We have tried every experiment under the sun through TikTok and Reels but we wouldn’t have heard of deep-fried water which is vegan, weird, and strange. Did you think it was boiling water? The short answer is No.

We have heard of weird and crazy recipes such as pineapple pizza but Deep Fried Water takes the cake. It is made by using calcium alginate which contains chemicals such as aqueous calcium chloride and aqueous sodium alginate which binds the water to form the solid shape. This feels like a chemistry lesson than a recipe.

Here is an interesting fact; deep-fried water was introduced online in 2016. The concept was created by the Youtuber Chef and fried food aficionado, Jonathon Marcus. He used flour, egg, and panko crumbs to fry 12 globules to coat it in water.

The chemical compound calcium alginate is a gelatine-like substance that binds this dish together. The method used in this experiment is called frozen reverse spherification which involves freezing the calcium mixture before mixing it into the alginate. This holds the water inside which allows it to be deep-fried. The scary part is if the membrane of the ball were to burst and release water into the oil, it could lead to serious harm.

Deep Fry Water At Your Risk

When you cut open the fried ball, the liquid oozes out, is it tempting? The ingredients needed to make this scrumptious delight is water, flour, egg, panko, peanut oil which should be heated to 375 degrees. He did it for The San Francisco Stupid Shit Nobody Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon, which worked out well.

The existence of deep-fried water can be traced back to 2016 and the world has changed, might we say. Deep frying water is ridiculously hilarious to think about but it is far more dangerous than what we may think. A small leak can create a big splash with leads to serious injury.

We have spent the entire pandemic on the internet so we have brought up the legendary deep-fried water back to life. In an interview with Vice, James Orgill, a chemical engineer and Youtuber of The Action Labs said that it is surprising to see water turned into an edible dish, and what is comical is to fry it later. It seems ridiculous but if you are trying to cook this at home, you shouldn’t. Listen up, oil and water don’t mix. A small leak in the water bubble can spray you with boiling oil, be cautious.


Deep Frying Water- Trend Gone Wrong

Orgill mentioned that deep-frying water was more surprising than we thought if we break down the chemical compounds. Nobody spoke about the chemistry behind these edible polymers which have used sodium alginate to make. Orgill told Vice that this experiment felt like a drive to a different planet. Deep-fried water could be interpreted as viral content or a science class, tough call.

He said that it tasted really gross as there is no flavor and it tastes kind of salty and slimy. I think we would prefer pineapple pizzas to this. A weird food creation brings out the geekiness in us; this reminds us that Kool-Aid turned into dry ice. These trends go viral on social media in seconds through one click of a button. Absurd trends take social media by storm as they are perfect to watch when we are bored.

TikTok creators were instantly attracted to this trend and many were eager to try this out as a food trend. It is not food, more like greasy slime though. Some experimented with making it by using agar agar which is vegan gelatin used in Asia instead of sodium alginate. A TikToker mentioned that it tasted like jellyfish.

It is strange to think that water can be edible though it tastes gross. This turned out to be scientific learning rather than a recipe to cook. Try this at your risk. TikTok trends come with a caution sign. Fry bhajiyas not water.




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