Leaked Renders Show a Stunning Apple M1X Mac mini with New Plexiglass Design!

by Sai Vardhan

Leaked Renders Show a Stunning Apple M1X Mac mini with New Plexiglass Design!

May 30, 2021

From the past several days, we have seen how Apple is adding new features and bringing an overhaul to the design elements of Apple's entire lineup. They thought it was undoubtedly the right time to remake all the design elements and add additional features to its beloved Mac mini. At the same time, it's being reported that we might see an even smaller size this year.

The Mac mini

So With WWDC 2021 event right around the corner, there is a big presumption that Apple may unveil a new MacBook Pro this summer. But recent YouTube video posted by Jon Posser claims that there will also be a new 2021 Mac Mini with industrial design changes and will be even more compact than the previous generations. The device is reportedly and rumored to be powered by the new Apple silicon chip, which is currently called M1X. This new processor is speculated to deliver even more power beyond the charts to the Apple products. Rumors are that we might also see a new MacBook Pro in the upcoming event, which is also anticipated to launch with this new silicon chip.

Bullish M1X Mac Mini speculation suggests compact desktop with 12-core Apple Silicon

In his YouTube video, Posser, a reliable source for Apple-related news and leaks, said that the next Mac mini-computer would replace the high-end Intel-based one. This means that we are maybe looking at an accessible Mac mini this year, which will have entry-level specifications. But the most observable change here would be the design of the new Mac mini, which the tipster said will be a lot smaller than that the prevailing one. Prosser also claims that the M1X Mac mini will have a new outer structure with a plexiglass-like contemplative finish on the top, but the rest of the body may still use aluminum.

This new design will include more connectivity ports that were let go of on the M1 Mac mini. The M1X Mac mini may come with four USB 4.0/ Thunderbolt 3 ports, two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI port. The 2021 Mac mini, however, is also likely to use the same power connector that we saw with M1 iMac, which Apple launched earlier this year. This is a magnetic connector, round in shape.

Because of the glass-like finish on the top of the Mac mini, it is highly anticipated that Apple may make it even more attractive by adding dual-tone colorways for the approaching computer. And the expanse of the new Mac mini may be similar to what we have for the 24-inch iMac this year. Apple launched six new colors for the iMac, besides the regular grey variant, so people expect the same with the mini-computer, but that won’t be the case; we will see just the traditional metallic grey color. Still, there will be an overhaul change to design like explained.

M1X Mac mini, things get much seriously fascinating. In place of the universal two-prong power cable, it will have the magnetic power connector introduced on the M1 iMac.

Posser explained that the leaks are precisely in line with the Bloomberg report, which recently said Apple specializes in a new range of Mac devices. This range will encompass a new MacBook Pro, a new MacBook Air, a new Mac mini, and a new Mac Pro. These new Mac devices will be utilizing the latest Apple Silicon processor, the working title for M1X, and it may offer numerous performances and power-consumption related improvements.

In conclusion, The Mac mini always had a special place in the Mac lineup. Since the very beginning, Apple has pitched the Mac mini as a small, portable but powerful desktop computer aimed at average consumers. If the rumors ever meet reality with all the extra ports and such raw power, it will serve the true purpose of mini computing. Like said, all these are leaks and just speculation, but there is a certain chance we might be seeing this product.


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