‘Magic Mushrooms’ Flourished In Man’s Body After He Injected Himself With It!

by Madonna Watts D'Souza
‘Magic Mushrooms’ Flourished In Man’s Body After He Injected Himself With It!

May 17, 2021

A man was rushed to the emergency room after he injected himself with a concoction of 'Magic Mushrooms.' These mushrooms started growing in the man's body.

“Don’t do drugs, kids” is a piece of advice we all know. From the elders saying to the dank memes, we have this phrase repeated over and over again, for a good reason. Drugs aren’t a healthy way of having fun as the backlash and addiction from it can possibly cost a life.

Nevertheless, drug consumption continues and it is worryingly rising globally. One of the many reasons why people indulge in drugs is to experience hallucinogenic effects. These hallucinogenic or ‘high’ effects is known as psychoactivity, which is caused by psychoactive drugs.

Psychoactive drugs are also known as psychotropic drugs, is a chemical that alters the nervous system and thus people experience drastic changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behaviour. Some drugs which can case these are LSD, psychedelics, Ayahuasca and the Magic Mushrooms.

"Magic" mushrooms are sold in dehydrated form, which can be eaten raw or pulverized into a capsule -- not injected.

Looks like one man took his high to the next level

If drinking the Magic Mushroom tea also known as shroom tea, wasn’t enough, then a 30-year-old man thought of taking it to the next level. The man brewed the magic tea which traditionally should be consumed orally but instead of pouring it in a cup, he poured it in a syringe. He then proceeded to inject himself with it.

The reason why the man did it was that he wanted to relieve symptoms of both bipolar disorder and opioid dependence. After injecting himself, his family members noticed that he stopped following his prescribed medications for his bipolar disorder according to them was “cycling between depressive and manic states.”

The man observed several reports online which claimed the therapeutic effects of psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, also known as Magic Mushrooms. This tempted the man to brew a tea made out of psilocybin mushrooms. He then proceeded to filter the tea by with the help of a “cotton swab” and then injected the concoction into his body.

Magic Mushrooms grew in a mans blood scool buzz
The man injected himeself with shrooms to relieve symptoms of both bipolar disorder and opioid dependence

The Mushrooms took root and grew inside the man's body

After injecting himself, in the next week, the man turned lethargic and had bad cases of nausea. To his surprise, he was completely dazed and confused and was constantly experiencing the psychoactive effects. His skin turned pale and began to turn yellow. He then quickly developed diarrhoea and started throwing up blood. His family then found him in the grim state and immediately rushed him to the hospital. He was admitted into the Emergency Room.

The doctors observed the man was suffering from multiple organs failure of his liver and kidneys, was transferred to the ICU. Blood tests later revealed that man had tested positive for a bacterial infection. This infection was caused by a microbe Brevibacillus as well as fungal infection from Psilocybe cubensis or the Magic Mushrooms. This meant that mushrooms have started growing in his blood.

A man in the US needed surgery after injecting himself with magic mushrooms

The man had to undergo several treatments like antibiotic and antifungal drugs and for his multiple organ failure. Additionally, the man was placed on a ventilator as the infection had caused him to battle with an acute respiratory failure, which happens when fluid collects in the alveoli or the air sacs within the lungs.

The man battled the infection for twenty-two days with a whole week spent in the ICU. He narrowly escaped from the jaws of death and was discharged from the hospital. Thankfully, the patient survived this ordeal and was later discharged from the hospital. He still currently is being treated for his infection which seems to be long term with the help of long-term antibiotic and antifungal drugs.

Doctors and researchers were shocked by this case

The man believed he would achieve a more potent effect by introducing the fungus directly into his bloodstream.

His case was published on 11th January in the Journal Proceedings of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, however, the case did not disclose if injecting the psilocybin mushroom filtrate can cause persistent psychoactive effects. eg, in rare cases, patients can develop a disorder known as hallucinogen-induced persisting perception disorder (HPPD), where the person continues to experience the psychoactive aftermath long after the ingestion of drugs.

With regards to the case, the doctors expressed: “This underscores the need for ongoing public education regarding the dangers attendant to the use of this, and other drugs, in ways other than they are prescribed.” Studies suggest that psilocybin could become a promising treatment for disorders like drug abuse, depression and anxiety. However, since these are drugs at the end of the day, they still need to be taken safely with a lot of precautions.

While the drug psilocybin has been decriminalised and is legal in several nations like Nepal, Portugal, Netherlands, Part of the US, Jamaica and Brazil. However, one needs to be very vigilant when taking these drugs. The best option to avoid any of the above horrible aftermaths is to have them prescribed by a doctor if necessary or just don’t do drugs, nothing can be better than that!


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