Microsoft to Disclose the Next Generation of Windows very soon!

by Sai Vardhan

Microsoft to Disclose the Next Generation of Windows very soon!

May 30, 2021

Windows is arguably the largest platform in desktops and laptop computers globally, with the OS' market penetration being 77% to 87.8% in the world. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently hinted at a significant overhaul for Windows, giving rise to economic alternatives for developers and creators.

Microsoft teases 'next generation of Windows' with reveal 'very soon'

The Insight

Microsoft has been toiling on a new app store for Windows in recent months, alongside some substantial UI changes to the operating system. It now is anticipated to update its app store for Windows. This new version of Windows is also expected to allow third-party industry platforms in apps. Microsoft will be publishing these updates very soon.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella commenced the Microsoft Build 2021 developers conference with a keynote address. Nadella appears to reference the store changes and made a vow to unlock a better economy for developers and creators within Windows itself. In his speech, Nadella also clearly spoke of a host of other updates that the tech major will be bringing soon across its products and services.

"Soon, we will share one of the most significant updates to Windows, which is due for the past decade, and it will unlock much huge economic opportunity for developers and creators. I've been self-testing it for the past few months, and I'm nothing but incredibly excited for the new generation of Windows. We also promise you this: we will create more opportunity for every Windows developer today and welcome every creator looking for the most innovative and open platform to build their applications. And we are also excited cause it will aid distribute and monetize your apps. We are also looking forward to sharing more very soon."

-Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft
Windows next-generation update is expected to be codenamed Sun Valley

Nadella didn’t share any updates on Windows mainly, but rather, he spoke about the company’s plans for the world-renowned operating system for the time being. He also quoted that he has been testing the next generation of Windows for the past couple of months, and the company will be sending out the update very soon.

As per Nadella, this critical update will unlock a more significant economic opportunity for developers and creators. In simple words, it means that the next generation of Windows updates will help generate more opportunities for Windows developers, creators, and third-party developers looking to build, disseminate, and monetize their applications. All this can be believed due to recent speculations of Microsoft working on a new app store for Windows.


What can we expect from the Next Gen Update?

This new update will potentially incorporate some substantial alterations to the Windows Store, enabling developers to submit any Windows app, including browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. It has also been implied that the company may even allow third-party patronage platforms in apps so that creators could avert Microsoft’s own 15 per cent slice on apps and 12 per cent slice on games.

Nadella’s particular remark on the next generation of Windows is intriguing cause Microsoft typically pertains to everything as Windows 10. The above terminology could indicate that the organization is preparing a more meaningful shift with Windows branding than just the UI alone.

Windows 10X was presumed to ship this year. Still, before even entering the market itself, 10X was cancelled, and Microsoft verified last week that Windows 10X, its OS initially built to support dual-screen devices, will no longer ship. The firm is now bringing something entirely new, and it’s being rumored that they are taking the best bits of Windows 10X and importing them into the main version of Windows 10 instead.

A handful of the job has already started, which is reported to bring, new system icons, File Explorer refinements, and the end of Windows 95-era icons. Microsoft is also concentrating on improving the basic foundations of Windows, with fixes for reorganizing apps issue on multiple screens, the addition of the Xbox Auto HDR feature, and advancements to Bluetooth audio support.

In conclusion, this new update is nothing but exciting to hear cause it’s going to being a unique experience for users across the globe, which is due over a decade. 


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