Netflix Has Plans For A New Service- Its Very Own Social Media

by Sai Vardhan

Netflix Has Plans For A New Service- Its Very Own Social Media

May 8, 2021

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services available all across the world. They might soon launch a new service called "N- plus," which will put out more information about Netflix productions.

For the past few days, the company has been rolling out many features and updates like shuffle play. Netflix also conducted a survey and gathered feedback regarding the new streaming service.

Netflix the most extensive streaming services all across the world.

What Sets N-Plus Apart

As far as the rumors imply, N-plus might include podcasts, new content, and you might also be able to listen to music. 

The most awaited feature is that you can learn more about the shows and movies you like and get related recommendations. It’s also rumored that you can share custom playlists of originals and more.

N-plus will be a subscription-based service and act as a social media platform where you can interact with people with similar interests. It might also enable users to build and share their playlists of TV shows, etc. You can share reviews of shows, films, might get an insight into the ongoing productions, and give your feedback and influence their development.

Since all of the knowledge mentioned above comes from a survey, we still don’t have any hard evidence from Netflix, and as of now, we even can’t be sure if Netflix will release the N-Plus service or not.

Netflix could launch a premium ‘N-Plus' subscription service

Will it Make it to the Market?

So we can comprehend that this is a new service that provides more insight and has some advanced nifty features and might also act as the next social media app for TV shows, podcasts and movies.

Jumping back to the question, yes! the service does hold some potential cause after watching a show or movie many people engage in social conversation on various platforms and if something like N-plus hits the market there will be a chance of a successful runaway for the company as well the users out there.


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