Polaroid Go: Are Polaroids Making a Comeback in the Era of Smartphones?

by Sai Vardhan

Polaroid Go: Are Polaroids Making a Comeback in the Era of Smartphones?

April 23, 2021

Polaroid has launched the world’s smallest analogue instant camera, the Polaroid Go which you can carry with you, like your phone, to get perfect in the moment shots.

Polaroid Go is just really playful yet incredibly well-designed, and it’s going to make it so easy for you to bring a totally different camera than your phone with you wherever you go.

Polaroid unveiled its instant camera, which is smaller with the dimensions of 2.4 inches tall, 3.3inches wide and 4.1 inches longer than its Instax Mini 40, which is recently launched, and it’s a similar version of the Polaroid Now, which was launched last year.

This year they bumped up “The Polaroid Go ” with some new features like a selfie mirror, self-timer, dynamic flash, a double-exposure component for better creativity and enhanced the battery up to 7500 mAh, which will give the device far more power. 

The prints are smaller than the traditional Polaroid prints, measured at 2.623 inches by 2.12 inches and has an ASA of 640, which means you can expect a fairly bright shot.

What's Inside the Box?

You’ll find the Polaroid Go camera, a USB charging cable, neck strap, and a Quick Start guide, in the box. 

The video clearly shows that the new version retains the design choices of its predecessors but is a lot smaller and a tad more stylish this time around. 

Instant cameras were very popular back in the day, and have made a comeback again. 

“Bringing innovation, product design, creativity, and a little bit of attitude back to Polaroid has been our focus ever since we took over as the new team three years ago,” Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski said in a post.

Price and Availability

The new Polaroid Go instant camera can now be pre-ordered and will start shipping on April 27 for $99.99, and the Polaroid Go pack of film with 16 prints will cost $20.

It is safe to say that this instant camera trend is resurging and might have a future again. Because the attitude with which you can make memories with a Polaroid can simply not be replaced by a smartphone, it doesn’t matter how great a phone camera is; the personality of a polaroid photo can not be duplicated. 


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