Apple Finally Reveals Why it Adapted the “No Charger in the Box” Policy

by Sai Vardhan

Apple Finally Reveals Why it Adapted the “No Charger in the Box” Policy

April 19, 2021

Many manufacturers followed in Apple's footsteps after it announced it's no charger policy a year ago.

Apple has always been the trendsetter since its’s inception. Bold decisions that make a substantial impact in the market has always been a part of Apple’s trajectory. 

One such decision that the company made was last year in 2020 when they announced their plans to remove the iPhone charger as a complimentary item previously, and decided to sell it separately if the users needed it. 

After the announcement, the company faced mixed criticism. It is a general opinion that iPhones are too expensive compared to other premium smartphones out in the market, and the thought that, the exorbitant price will not include the charging brick invited a lot of flak.

Apple gave the reason to not put Charger and EarPods in the box.

Nonetheless, Apple still stands by its decision, citing it as a step taken to help save the environment. In a detailed report, Apple explained how the power adapter uses various materials like plastic, copper, tin, zinc, etc. which are harmful and by removing these completely, they save 8.61 lakh tons of these substances.  According to Apple, by removing the charger from the box they were able to reduce the box size, which helped the packaging to be more efficient.   “Leaving out those adapters,. was a bold change for them and a necessary one for our planet,” says the company’s official environment page.

The iPhone 12 will not include a charger in the box, which could backfire on Apple

Tangible Environmental Impact?

The claims were made by Apple in 2020, but it didn’t amount to much until it released an environmental progress report which highlights how the Cupertino-based giant reduced its CO2 emissions to 22.6 million tons from 25.1 million tons in 2019.

The firm also acknowledged that by introducing the M1 chip for its Mac devices in 2020, they reduced its overall carbon footprint by 34 % and stated that they reduced energy consumption in all their products by more than 70%.

Other companies soon followed; Samsung opted to sell the Galaxy S21 without a charger and Xiaomi removed the charger from the Mi 11 box. With Apple mending its ways towards a green future and other corporate giants following its lead, there might be some hope left after all.  


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