Russia Stands To Benefit Greatly From Climate Change

by Madonna Watts D'Souza
Russia Stands To Benefit Greatly From Climate Change

May 16, 2021

As the disastrous effects of Climate Change loom over the world, many northern nations will be benefited from the increasing global warming. One of them is Russia, which has already begun preparation to welcome the advantages of Climate Change.

Climate Change has been, time and again, said to be disastrous to the environment and the Earth as a whole. From Rising temperatures of Ice sheets melting to pollution and intensified natural disasters, unfortunately, the world doesn’t have a lot of time to reverse the effects of Climate Change, which will soon lead all of us into an irreversible doom.

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Norilsk, one of Russia's most polluted cities.

Something Positive From Climate Change?

Most often, we are not told that Climate Change could be beneficial to some nations. While fragile ecosystems face the wrath of an inevitable extinction and obliteration, Russia seems to be emerging as the winner of the Climate Change age. According to a New York Times Magazine and ProPublica report, Russia could be the first or the only nation to benefit from Climate Change.

In an interview with CSBN, the author of the article and senior reporter Abrahm Lustgarten sat down to explain why Climate Change, which is quickly warming up the Earth, could make Russia the winner.

On asked how Russia could benefit from Climate Change geographically, Lustgarten said, “Mostly it’s [Russia] the northernmost and largest landmass which is closest to the North Pole. As the planet warms, all of the northern nations will stand a benefit, Russia will see its lands thaw, now it’s covered in 80% permafrost and also see its northern coastline for new shipping routes.”

The new opening of shipping routes could form essential waterway links to China and Europe, which will benefit Russia economically.

Geopolitical Benefits for Russia due to Climate Change

According to the reporter, Russia has begun preparing its nation for Climate Change. Lustgarten said, “Russia has begun to seize opportunities on expanding its farming industries. It’s trying to become an agricultural superpower. As the land thaws, it’s pushing forward larger and larger amounts of yields of wheat and soybeans and other food crops which will increase its both, food independence and also position it to greater leverage over the rest of the world.”

He added, “Russia will become a large food exporter. Already in the last couple of years, Russia has become the largest grower and exporter of wheat in the world.” So their competitive advantage against the United States, for example, will increase. So part of what is different is what doesn’t happen in Russia. The United States will suffer from extraordinary sea-level rise, which will displace 14 million people. The US economy will likely decline as Russia grows in those same ways.

He went on, ” Well, you know, it’ll have a large influence on the world and presumably a larger power and, you know, shore up its geopolitical standing. It’s shown up or covertly to taking advantage of those opportunities when they exist.”

This means that Russia will globally gain the upper hand in economic, geopolitical, and strategic relationships and advantages as the rest of the world are slowly sinking into the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Lessons the United States can take from Russia

When asked what could the United States possibly do prepare for the aftermath of climate change and prevent loss due to it, Lustgarten said, ” I spoke with a lot of defense experts. What emerged is a picture of the United States as a country that deals with crisis and response to storms by resiliently rebuilding the area”.

“But that is really less adept at seeing around the corner and that means making long term plans to be in a position of strength over the coming decades and part of that is our reluctance to accept the reality of Climate Change and you will see it for example in the number of ice breakers.”

He further spoke, ” A second that’s about 50 years old. That’s just an illustration of the kind of policies that are not long-ranging or not arranging us to be in a strong position in the long term. Russia is already planning to expand its agricultural industry. Those are the things that the United States might look at.”

Speaking on how Russia is preparing to become soon more vigorous, he said, ” To benefit from the Change trade patterns and food and immigration patterns in the future.” (sic.)


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