Share your ideas on scool.buzz

by teamscool
Share your ideas on scool.buzz

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” Robin Williams

scool.buzz is the place for words and ideas, and if you have them then here’s your chance to share it with just the kind of people who care about those. If you are a geek or a nerd at heart, and you want to share your ideas with one of the country’s largest communities of geeks and nerds, then you are just on the right webpage.

Why share your ideas on Scool.Buzz?

scool.buzz is the home of most insightful and meaningful content for Gen Z and Millennial geeks on the internet. With so much of trashy and meritless content being dished out on the world wide web, scool.buzz was launched in 2020 as a movement with an aim to change the definition of what’s cool and bring ‘intellectual discourse’ to the mainstream again, and precisely that’s the reason why you should share your ideas on scool.buzz 

Who knows the next big idea that could get this world hooked, may just come from you.

How to share your ideas on Scool.buzz?

Ideas have always shaped the course of history, and at Scool.Buzz it’s easy and free to share your geeky, nerdy, insightful ideas on any topic, with the readers who have both the ability to comprehend and desire to learn. Find a way to write it all down in 700-1000 words, in short, simple, stylish, and crisp manner. 

Get published on the country’s biggest platform for geeks and nerds in 3 easy steps-

  1. Sign Up
  2. Write a Draft
  3. Submit

Our team of editors would go through your draft, check it for quality and plagiarism, make it visually appealing and if all goes well, then the geek gods would smile on you as we publish it for the world to read.


Anybody can share their ideas on Scool.Buzz. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer, or an amateur, or a complete noob. It’s more about ‘ideas’ and less about ‘writing’. It’s more about ‘what’ the idea is, and less about ‘how’ you present that idea.

Scool.Buzz is the home of geeks and nerds, so naturally they would make the most of the readers, but since it’s on the internet, anybody and everybody can read about your idea.

You get the bragging rights, your idea gets the validation, and your idea may just change the world or at the very least plant a seed.

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