Siri accidentally spilled the beans on Apple’s Next Event! It’s on April 20

by Sai Vardhan

Siri accidentally spilled the beans on Apple’s Next Event! It’s on April 20

April 15, 2021

An insider at Apple has accidentally revealed some important details that Apple had kept under covers until now. And it is none other than Siri. The virtual assistant has confirmed that Apple is holding an event on April 20 -- before the company could officially send out invites.

Apple is working on bringing mini LED and microLED to the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro in the future.

Apple has established its superiority in the Tablet segment along with its PC and smartphone segment so strongly that even with innovating tech, updated chipsets and designs, other manufacturers are finding it difficult to keep up with it.

We are due for this year’s Apple iPads, which according to Apple will be launched in the second half of this month and will be a substantial improvement over the previous lineup. Apple this time intended to send its invitations around the globe via its apple assistant ‘Siri’.

If you ask Siri, “when is the next Apple event?” she’ll give you a prompt answer,  revealing the date of the event i.e. April 20. Although this has to confirmed by Apple. For now, some people think that this might be a glitch in the software, because usually these invitations are sent a week ago by Apple, of which there is no official confirmation, as of yet. 

According to the blog post in Bloomberg, Apple suppliers are experiencing manufacturing problems and the company had to halt production, owing to the shift in the display from OLED to mini LED. This could also indicate that there might be a delay in the huge production of iPads and the commercial sale might also be delayed due to limited production. Despite all their troubles, they want to introduce the new 11 and 12.9 inches iPad Pro models in the market.

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However, the rumours indicate the new iPads will have the Mini LED display, which plays a prominent part this year since it delivers more contrast ratio, saturation and is expected to replace the OLED display. This feature is rumoured to be available only in the Pro model as of now but can be extended to the entire lineup.

The tech grapevine also suggests that we can expect improvement in the battery performance, camera specs and there is also a whisper about the support of thunderbolt to USB C type connection. We know that the chipset plays an important role and we can expect this year’s chipset to be an improved A14 which is rumoured to be as powerful as A14X, which also equals the power of the M1 silicon chipset which we saw earlier.

How does it work?

The OLED provides better viewing angles and a better black screen, but the mini LED has its benefits, giving it a slight edge over the former. We need to understand how it actually works. It goes back to the root of conventional LCD technology, It uses multiple thousand small LED backlights instead of a single source LCD which gives us that high contrast ratio and saturation. If you wonder why is Apple switching the display? For simple reasons, it is cost-effective, and the colour quality, brightness in mini LED is superior to OLED. How Apple implements this display tech is a question to be answered, which hopefully happens on the 20th of April, 2021. 


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