The 40-Year-Old Mystery Behind The Georgia Guidestones

by Kareena Dodeja
The 40-Year-Old Mystery Behind The Georgia Guidestones

March 14, 2021

Aren’t we all intrigued by mysteries? One such 40-year-old mystery is in Georgia, the eerie Georgia Guidestones is referred to as the ‘America’s Stonehenge.’ These granite slabs are inscribed with instructions on how to rebuild society after an apocalypse, sounds out of a show right? Some have reportedly gotten an ‘uneasy feeling’ around the stone. Find out why!

One might wonder why is there a Stonehenge in the middle of a cow pasture. Nobody knows who placed it there or why the granite slabs were constructed in the first place. Everyone is curious to know the meaning behind the 19-foot monolith structure built-in 1979. The Guidestones have been inscribed with ten guiding principles in eight languages. The Ten Commandments advocate globalism and eugenics to make sure we have something to fall back on.

Miles off the beaten path in rural Georgia, carved in towering spires of granite, the Georgia Guidestones Baffle the Mind and Ignite the Imagination .

The Origin Of The Georgia Guidestones

Hudson Cone, a photographer who took pictures as the Guidestones were being built said in an interview said that people stop by Stonehenge and think of it as a Satan shrine that has to be torn down. Whereas other people say it is the holiest place on Earth. It could even be a hub for UFOs; there are a lot of spooky conspiracy theories.

Hudson met a man named R.C Christian who knew the meaning behind the Guidestones but hold on, he used a pseudonym. He was a well-dressed man with a Midwestern accent; he went to the Elbert Granite Company with a mission to create a monument that would conserve mankind. Christian was represented by a group of loyal Americans who believed in God, they wanted to leave a message for future generations through this monument.

Nobody could crack the code on what was the vision behind this. The purpose behind the Guidestones is still a mystery as the man behind the slabs isn’t willing to reveal his name. The Georgia Guidestones was unveiled on March 22, 1980, having a huge crowd of visitors. The monument is a 120-ton relic of a million-dollar tag built after the Cold War to instruct doomsday survivors. The granite is engraved in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”, and “Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity”. If we were to apply these now, we’d have to kill over 90% of the planet.

The Centre Of Conspiracy Theories

The Elbert Country Chamber of Commerce said that the Guidestones would bring 10,000 people to visit in a town with a population of 4,600. Some tourists found a blue orb when they took pictures of it, almost finding some cosmic energy from it. A conspiracy theorist said that the stones could be satanic and should be destroyed.

The locals at Elberta have told stories of witchcraft taking place at the stones. The County Resident, Mart Clamp who helped crave the slabs said in an interview that there have been instances where teenagers have shown up dressed in black holding buckets of chicken blood.

The mysterious granite slab has been a target to vandals and even covered with black fabric because it was under constant controversy. The stones were vandalised in 2009 and “Death to the new world order” was painted on them. The vandals did not stop as they again scribbled on the stone in 2014.

The conspiracy theorists were quick to jump on the bandwagon with theories of how the New World Order is trying to eradicate the global population with means to maintain power. Eugenics is a belief that humans must be eliminated and the Guidestones have instilled the fear of it.


Why Are The Georgia Guidestones Unique?

The stones are much more than what we initially thought- the Stonehenge has astronomical features that have importance to apocalypse survivors. The pillars are erected in a way that they could track astrological and solar cycles.

The center column in the slab has a hole that points towards the North Star and then there is a slot that aligns with the sun’s solstices and equinoxes. The aperture in the capstone has a unique feature that could mark noontime throughout the year.

The east and west corners of the monument can track sunrise and sunset. A slot cut in the slab marks winter and summer solstices. The Guidestones have everything needed in one- a calendar, compass, translator, and guide. What more could we need?

On a ground nearby to the Stonehenge, they found a stone tablet that lists out facts about the Guidestones. It has been said that a time capsule was buried underneath the tablet but it is unclear if it is true. The unique features of the Georgia Guidestones make it an enigma that brings visitors around the world.

What makes it interesting are the sayings carved in the stone. The strange passages mentioned that we should maintain humanity under 500 million and reproduce wisely, phew. Furthermore, it explains how we should unite humanity with a new language, rule with passion and faith, and tradition, and protect people with fair laws and rewards. When we think about it, the Georgia Guidestones give a whole different meaning during the pandemic.

The quest to find out what the mystery entails will never end.


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