The Man Who Paints Accurate Looking Portraits Using His Genitals

by aadarsh jain

The Man Who Paints Accurate Looking Portraits Using His Genitals

April 8, 2021

Tim Patch, commonly known as "Pricasso", is known for painting portraits, landscapes and female nudes using his penis, scrotum and buttocks.

Tim Patch was born in the United Kingdom. When he was unable to obtain a degree at Portsmouth College of Art, he took furniture design classes and worked as a builder. He left the United Kingdom for Australia in 1977, where he exhibited his wood sculptures in a number of galleries.
Patch and his sister founded Hellfire Pottery in 1984, which produced a variety of pottery and ceramic works.  Patch started construction on a Gaud-style house and art gallery in 2002 and at the same time, he began working in Queensland as a portrait and caricature artist.

Tim Patch or "Pricasso" the man who paints with his genitals.

"I always saw people painting with their arms and feet and I didn't understand why anyone didn't paint with their penis.“

- pricasso

Idea For Such Unique Art

Patch says that he first thought of painting with his penis in 2005 when he drew a smiley face on the backside of a urinal with his penis after seeing penis puppetry, and then decided to try it at home with colours. But he soon realised the problems. The canvas’s sensation caused him to become erect, and he had to wait for it to become flaccid. After months of practice, it became so normal that he didn’t get turn on even in front of hundreds of people. He painted with his genitals on several New Year’s Eves. He then adopted the nickname “Pricasso,” which combines the words “Prick” which means Penis and “Picasso.”

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He first got the idea of painting with his penis in 2005, when he drew a smiley face on the backside of a urinal.

Pricasso's Works And Performances

Patch said in an interview with the Voima that portrait work is the most difficult work he does. Pricasso makes his own water-based colours because most colours contain lime, which can erode human skin. He also coats his genitals in vaseline before beginning to paint portraits so that he can work for hours without causing skin irritation.

Most art galleries around the world are uninterested in his work; however, Pricasso exhibits his work and is a regular attraction at ‘Sexpo’ exhibitions (World’s largest adult show), where he paints portraits for the public. He has appeared at the ‘Sexpo’ for every year for eight years. Patch draws portraits for four days at the ‘Sexpo,’ working 13 hours a day. He also paints short portraits in front of the audience and shows the whole process as well as the finished painting on film.

How His Life Changed

Patch now sells portraits via his website, as well as at the shows he appears at.

Patch claims that the majority of his orders come from the United States. The customer sends him a picture, which he paints, then clips a video out of it and send it back to the customer along with the finished painting. The videos are rated G (tasteful, no penis shots), PG (close-ups of flaccid penis and bum from all angles), and 18+R (close-ups of flaccid penis and bum from all angles)” (same as PG, but with about a third of the painting, painted with the penis erect).


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