The Newest Chef In Town – Moley Kitchen Robot!

by Rudra Mehta


The Newest Chef In Town – Moley Kitchen Robot!

January 25, 2021

We are not far from a time when robots might take over most sectors of our lives one day, starting with day-to-day jobs. It should come as no surprise that the culinary industry will also see the switch, and Moley Robotics has the answer.

How hard is it to master a recipe? How intricate can culinary science get when it comes to perfecting a dish?

Even the best chefs worldwide have to practice for decades to get MasterChef’s title under their belt. Getting into the food industry’s upper echelons is a matter of skill and patience — with hard work, of course. In this aspect, Moley the robot has taken the food industry by surprise in her being called the “Gordon Ramsey of robots”.

Presenting Moley Robotics

The recently concluded CES 2021 was a launch platform of Moley Robotics’ latest invention. The Moley Kitchen Robot is the first grand-scale product of Moley Robotics, founded by Russian mathematician and computer scientist, Mark Oleynik. Established in 2014, the company is heavily involved in the research and development of the first “smart kitchen” of sorts.

With all the technology in the world, nothing can beat the experience that food provides. Food is probably the only thing in the world to tickle all five of your senses — any change in your food is easily noticeable. The recipes, especially for homemade food, are passed down from your ancestors and remain a tradition.

The Moley Kitchen Robot is a fully fledged kitchen setup equipped with all major appliances.

So, how would a robotic chef change the dynamic? Moreover, would it be for good?

The system can create any recipe or dish requested by the user, as long as it exists in the database. The company claims that Moley can follow even 25-step recipes with utmost ease and eliminate human error both in the food and in the kitchen. But all this comes at a price.

Moley Robotics has created the world’s first fully-automated and integrated intelligent cooking robot.

Moley – Chef Extraordinaire

The Moley Kitchen Robot is a fully-fledged kitchen setup equipped with all major appliances. You see, you are not paying the humongous sum for just two arms. The “Kitchen” in Moley Kitchen robot stands for an actual kitchen!

The setup includes more than only the robot with cabinets, appliances, refrigeration units and more. It is specifically named to instruct customers as to not where it belongs, but that it is much more than just two robotic arms. The devices are customised for the robot to access and use easily.

Not just that, the system also includes a motion capture setup, sensors and detectors and a complete graphical user interface akin to a tablet or touch display that lets the users control Moley and select the food they want to eat.

You do nothing as the robot will [do it all]. It will take the cookware from the fully automated storage. He will place it on the induction stove and switch it on. He will pour water into it automatically. He will take ingredients from the fridge. He will add the ingredients. He will store, blend, mix, and mash. If needed, he will use the oven and operate it as well. Until the end of the recipe, you need to do nothing at all.

- Mark Oleynik, Founder, Moley Robotics

The interface will let users select meals and recipes, order specific tasks and manage the system with the utmost ease. You can even schedule the meals keeping your allergies, pet peeves and alternative options in mind. This, along with Moley’s novelty and usefulness, makes it a stellar buy for the high-class families.

$ 0
Cost of the Moley Kitchen Robot

Is it the Only Option Out There?

And the cost is fancy at the very least. The Moley Kitchen robot has been priced at $335,000 as of the base price. People can afford houses for cheaper than this! A bit of good news is that Oleynik has crunched the numbers, and confidently claims that it can significantly reduce Moley’s cost once it enters mass production.

Moley may sound like the first smart chef, but it is certainly not the only one out there. During the same event, another elegant chef was announced, albeit a little primitive. The iWondercook device is a smart box (of sorts) that can prepare all the designed meals without user intervention.

The Moley robot is capable of performing an impressive number of tasks. It has a pair of anthropomorphic arms, connected to a frame attached to the ceiling that slides back and forth.

Quite a Leap in the Food Industry

It is nothing fancy and needs specific meal packets intended for it, called ‘food cartridges’ by Michael Lemberg, its creator, and can even perform inventory checks and manage them. However, compared to the six-figure sum of Moley, this one comes at decent pricing of $500 as its starting range.

Then there is the entire conflict of the threat to humans. Using Moley at home is less of a problem than using it professionally. If the robot is up to the task, it may start replacing the human cooks at restaurants and other areas, increasing unemployment, decreasing jobs and threatening the culinary ecosystem. But we might not see it just yet, considering the chunky investment each business will have to make.

Robotic chefs are the first in line for the AI revolution set to begin in a few years, even months if possible. Whatever the outcome, Moley is a work of art, and nothing can change that. Of course, nothing can replace your familial taste either, but this robot will do its best to reach that stature.

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