These Tuneable Specs Are All You Will Ever Need

by Rudra Mehta


These Tuneable Specs Are All You Will Ever Need

January 25, 2021

Dear specs users, when was the last time you WEREN'T bothered by your spectacles? Well, these tuneable specs from VOY might put an end to all your vision problems.

Any individual with less than perfect vision is no stranger to eyewear. Not just spectacles, but even lenses are a less than ideal solution for your correcting your vision. These eyewear objects are not perfect, but they are the only solution right now.

But what if we tell you that there is a new, innovative product- a one-stop solution for all your problems? Well, read ahead.

smart glasses-ces2020-scoolbuzz-technology
The VOY Tunable Glasses come as both eyeglasses or sunglasses and also come with a blue light blocker, anti-reflective properties, and UV protective coatings.

No More Power Adjustments

The biggest pet peeve that spectacles users have is the constant need to update and upgrade the lenses as the vision’s power number changes. Regardless of your age or condition, one can rarely carry on with the same sight power for long periods. Most people often change their glasses every year or two.

Whether it is due to your or it’s just the age catching up, changing the glasses and getting accustomed to the new ones is a cumbersome process indeed. Well, you no more ‘have’ to go through the cumbersome transition. VOY, a company based in San Francisco, has come up with an exciting concept.

The “Tuneable” Specs is a simplistic yet powerful product that can ease all woes of a weary-eyed individual. It was unveiled at CES 2021 as a breakthrough tech and had been steadily gaining popularity.

VOY Glasses
A schematic of how VOY Glasses work. Source: Dailymail

Tuneable Specs - One "Size" Fits All

As the name suggests, one can adjust the Tuneable Specs to their eyes’ desired power levels. VOY has claimed that the specs can focus a range between –5 to +2 for each eye in a matter of seconds. The concept is akin to a binocular wherein you can zoom in and out based on what you’d like to see.

For these tuneable specs, each arm of the glasses consists of a rotating dial that shifts the lenses to achieve the desired power rating. Each eye can be configured separately and is very easy to adjust. The glasses work for near-sighted as well as far-sighted usage.

Variety to Choose From

If you thought only standard glasses are available, wait until you find out that they have launched a series of sunglasses too! The technology has been combined with sunglasses to offer maximum comfort and usability.

The best part of all, these glasses cost you just under $80 per pair! One can even imagine a future with these VOY glasses turning smart and connected to a host of other objects/software, enhancing user experience.

$ 0
Price of Tuneable Spectacles

Are They Perfect? Well, Almost

It may sound like a cliché line, but everything has limitations. The VOY glasses are no exception. The first and foremost drawback we could find was the form factor and the design in general.

The glasses might appear blocky and stylish at first glance, but they are rather clunky. The lens setup is quite thick, giving you the impression of being one of those thick, wide and chunky glasses along with a comprehensive frame.

The second issue may arise with reliability and product life in general. The mechanism is housed in the frame. Any problem in it would require the dismantling or even the changing of the structure. The lenses are also controlled by a mechanism and involve precise measurements. Any damage or repair will likely require calibration.

Price Factor

Finally, let’s talk about the price factor. $80 (~Rs. 6,000) might not sound like much and in some ways, is an absolute steal when you look at most high fashion brands and their prices. However, the lacklustre design and precarious usage do undermine the affordable price tag.

There is a sincere hope that as R&D is refined further, we may start seeing sleekier and more friendly designs pop up with some simplifications if any. Such a novel idea deserves to be shared around. That may lead to further innovation in this department.

One foreseeable modification would be using smart materials for the glasses to make them lighter, thinner and stronger! Make sure to keep an “eye” on this product.

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