This Gaming Chair from Razer is Better Than Reality

by Rudra Mehta


This Gaming Chair from Razer is Better Than Reality

January 24, 2021

The fastest-growing industry, when it comes to tech, is the gaming industry. If AR and VR weren't already enough, this gaming chair is set to defy even more odds.

Razer is a brand best known for manufacturing gaming devices. The company has an exceptional line-up of gaming laptops and gaming peripherals. We’ve heard that they make some decent headphones too. We jest, of course, they are the real deal, and all their products are fantastic.

And no, this is seriously not a sponsored article. Anyway, Razer is turning a lot of heads once more with the announcement of their latest invention.

VR? Pfft, Old School

Augmented Reality (AR) was all the craze a few years ago, and the technology peaked with the launch of Pokémon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. People fail to realise that AR is not just used for games but even for daily apps. The best example; Snapchat. All those doggy filters are possible thanks to AR. 

Then came VR.

There was at least one Google Cardboard in most of the world’s homes, and such was the curiosity surrounding Virtual Reality. Numerous Play Store apps showcased the capabilities of Android devices and VR. Then we started seeing VR headsets’ arrivals like the HTC Vive and Oculus VR with Steam’s Valve Index being the most advanced iteration yet.

If this wasn’t enough, Razer has gone and upped the immersive gameplay technology. Rather than opting for headsets and artificial displays, Razer has decided to wrap the rig around the player instead. We are presenting to you, Project Brooklyn.

Razer Gaming Chair
The Razer Gaming Chair was recently unveiled at CES 2021.

Best Way to Game Ever? 

Before you get as excited as us, you must know that Project Brooklyn is purely a concept design at this point. Razer unveiled their latest project at the recent CES 2021. According to them, Project Brooklyn marks the first era in “completely immersive” gaming. AR is not powerful enough to recreate virtual worlds as it still needs the “real-world” element.

As for VR, the headsets offer a unique experience every time and already have a good collection of quality games, the best of them are Beat Saber, Half-Life Alyx and many more. But there are limitations to the hardware and technology as well and let’s face it. Nothing can beat some fair old-fashioned PC gaming. So why not turn your PC into an immersive tech?

Project Brooklyn is designed around a performance-oriented gaming chair with your typical fancy RGB show. But that’s not the focal point. That point is the 60-inch-wide curved OLED screen that, yes, CURVES. 

The screen is a rollable sheet that expands from the middle and is connected to the chair over the player’s head. The armrests are 4D and have been integrated with haptic feedback. Titled Project Brooklyn, this concept design could dictate the future of gaming.

Project Brooklyn
Titled Project Brooklyn, this concept design could dictate the future of gaming.

Can This Be Topped?

Short answer, yes. This is a very rudimentary concept despite being technologically powerful. No doubt the design in its current form may even be sold out, but that doesn’t change the fact that this can be improved. Since it is a barebones structure, additions will be easier to make.

The apparent lack of a CPU cabinet plagues the design. Understanding the needs, adaptable hardware and using different specifications for the rig will significantly come in handy. There can be an elite tier version of this gaming chair and also an affordable one.

Scope for Improvement

As for the gaming chair itself, it can be upgraded further. The concept design features the entire setup made up of carbon fibre. Indeed, we can look at better, more advanced materials to help strengthen and smart-ify the gadgets.

Maybe there is even a possibility to create “zones” using this tech. Well-built sim rigs are already a common sight in sim racing and even flight sims. What if Project Brooklyn could become a full-fledged cockpit-style gaming accessory? It is the best foreseeable course of development for this project now.

The signs are good, and the start is good. Razer has been known to prefer quality over quantity, and we can expect a concrete breakthrough from them shortly. 

Maybe they could join hands with other gaming giants such as Acer (display) or Intel/AMD/Nvidia (hardware) and even peripheral companies like Fanatec, Thrustmasters and Logitech. Of course, this is a hypothesis and is very utopian, but hey, a gamer can only dream!

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