This self-adjusting pillow is all set to make your sleep ‘Smart’

by Rudra Mehta


This self-adjusting pillow is all set to make your sleep ‘Smart’

January 23, 2021

Sleeping indeed is a universal practice, done by practically every living organism. Human beings, however, are used to much cosier sleeping habitats than most of the other beings. Well, our nights of sleep just got cosier.

The latest invention in sleep gadgets is the new AirCozy Smart Pillow. Take a look at what innovation this device brings to the table. The trend of people recommending sleep coaches to their usually sleep-deprived friends is catching up with commotion of modern times. As strange as it may sound, people often face difficulties sleeping, and inducing sleep in such insomniac people is done by actual professionals. But that might change soon.

Smart Pillow Height
The Smart Pillow can adjust its height based on user requirement.

Time to Ditch the Puny Cushions

Your pillow may be the most underrated possession of yours. You don’t even subconsciously acknowledge using it, but every night, it’s right there under your head. From the pillow’s shape, thickness and size, every individual has their preference of it. And there are numerous companies out there catering to our needs. So, technology can barely upgrade such a seemingly benign item.

Let’s face it, regardless of how faithful your pillow has been to you; you will always consider replacing it if a better version arrives. After all, sleep supersedes everything else, doesn’t it? But in all seriousness, with the rapid digitalisation of our everyday lives, it is a no-brainer to predict that our humble sleep cushion is getting an upgrade too.

Unveiled at CES 2021, the DozzyCozy AirCozy smart pillow is the spiritual successor of your old bed cushion. Armed with some striking features, its ultimate goal is to change how we approach a healthy sleep cycle.

Here Comes the Smart Pillow

The two most important factors for a comfortable sleeping posture are your head position and your pillow’s firmness. Well, the AirCozy Pillow has got you covered for both. It has an adjustable height feature that allows you to change the pillow’s height depending on your sleeping position.

Moreover, it can engage the automatic mode and vary the fly’s size depending on your head’s resting position. Although it looks like a mini-mattress, it has a relatively soft and rounded design that can reduce muscle sores and eliminate the neck and shoulder cramps one faces because of incorrect posture.

So, is that it for this “smart” pillow? Well, not quite so.

The pillow is also capable of gauging the body side you are sleeping on, thanks to a gyroscopic sensor and calibrate its dimensions to remain comfortable at all times. Another easter egg, the pillow has audio speakers! Yes, speakers that “whisper sweet lullabies into your ear”.

Okay, that was a lie, but it does produce white noise, preferably white sound, to help you fall asleep quicker and have a peaceful sleep state.

Smart Pillow White Noise
The Smart Pillow also has a White Noise feature aimed at helping a person relax.

Do You Really Need It?

Sure, all these features sound hunky-dory, but is such a pillow practical for cosy sleeping? Well, there can be two ways to look at this. On the one hand, you have a more futuristic approach to analysing and correcting your sleeping patterns. On the other hand, such a tech-savvy device is not the requirement in the present market.

Besides, there’s also the technical limitations of the product that need to be considered. The smart pillow uses a cord to provide electricity to the device. This can be a safety hazard in some instances, especially under heat and stress. There have also been a few complaints that the audio output is loud enough to be heard by anyone sleeping next to you, which defeats the purpose of auditory relaxation.

Ahead of its Time

Genuinely though, do we need a smart pillow in the immediate future? We don’t give our brains enough credit regarding sleep, but it is already our bio-tech pillow of sorts. The brain can paralyse us when we sleep and monitor our sleeping patterns with the best accuracy possible. It’s all in our head, after all (pun intended).

AirCozy is not the only smart pillow out in existence right now, but it is probably the most intelligent so far. There is competition in this consumer market, and we can only expect the rivalry to accelerate innovation. Who knows, we may even see these pillows becoming actual sleep coaches and one day find a potential cure to insomnia! It’s a long shot, perhaps, but one can always dream.

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