Unmarried Men Are At A High Death Risk From COVID

by Nadia Sheikh

Unmarried Men Are At A High Death Risk From COVID

January 5, 2021

A study by Swedish researchers has outlined that unmarried men are at the highest risk of death from COVID-19. Being cocky might help you win an argument (in your head), but it turns out it won't protect you from the coronavirus. In fact, it will put you at an even higher risk of death. 


As of January 02, 2020, COVID-19 has inflicted around 1.84 million casualties across the world. The pandemic has haunted our lives for almost a year now, and even as the world waits for the vaccines to reach general population, any information that can prevent our exposure to the disease is of extreme importance- like the simple act of wearing a mask and maintaining 6 -feet distance from people outside. 

While the scientific community is immersed in developing a vaccine, many scientists are also researching the correlations between factors and COVID-19 deaths. From one such recent study, the outcomes revealed that ‘unmarried men’ are at the highest risk of death from COVID and face more significant economic stress.

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India has recorded more than 7.05 million COVID-19 cases and 108,334 deaths from the disease since the first recorded death in mid-March

The study by Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare

The Swedish National Board of Health & Welfare conducted a study using data on all recorded deaths from COVID-19 in Sweden of adults aged 20 and older to understand how factors are individually associated with an spiked risk of dying from COVID-19. Data from the study has revealed that a combination of biology and lifestyle is the main factor responsible for the disadvantages of all groups that had shown a higher risk of death from COVID. 

The factors included genders, marital status, education, and economic backgrounds of people. Generally, unmarried men and women are 1.5-2 times more likely to die from COVID than married people. 

But the risk from death follows in this order- unmarried men being at the highest risk, followed by unmarried women, married men, and then married women, putting men at an overall disadvantage between both the genders.

Even financial class and education being low put people at a higher risk of death, not only due to COVID but also from other diseases too. So, if you’re not on the top of the capitalist scale, not only is your life miserable in general, but it also puts you in the worst situation during a pandemic.

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The world’s second-most populous country, with 1.3 billion people, it has the lowest number of deaths per 100 confirmed cases out of the 20 most-affected countries in the world

Major Role Of Lifestyle And Biology

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle and biology play a significant role in supporting these results. Lifestyle, especially when talking about a poor person who has not had an excellent education, explains why people who are already earning less do not feel the need to get the expensive test on time or pay for precautionary measures unless essential. The same goes for someone who is not educated; they will not care much about trying to find out or, in fact, would be unable to keep up with the new developments about the virus and its safety measures.

The study revealed more factors and how they increase death risk as well, like people who were born outside Sweden had lower mortality than the ones born in Sweden. Despite what this study tells us, just because they’re saying that women are less likely to die from COVID does not mean that men start asking women to expose themselves more because they are at a higher risk.

We can show that there are independent effects of various separate risk factors that have been brought up in debates and news about COVID-19.

- Sven Drefahl, Stockholm University, Sweden

If there is anything we’ve learned at all from this pandemic about the virus, it is that this virus is highly unpredictable when it comes to absolutely everything.

From the mediums of spreading to who is more likely to be affected, how many days it takes to be involved, and who gets the worst of it and who doesn’t, nothing about the pandemic is certain. Overall, we know that everyone must take appropriate precautionary measures for themselves and everyone else, from their family members to even strangers. Everyone must be aware of their circumstances and practice the necessary steps to stay safe.


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