Virtual Reality Sex Is Now A Reality

by Kareena Dodeja
Virtual Reality Sex Is Now A Reality

February 18, 2021

While technology has made our lives more comfortable over the past few years, it can now help satiate our most innate human instinct. Yes, it is precisely what you are thinking about - technology can genuinely satisfy your sexual needs.

Psychological research has proven that our yearning for touch and physical intimacy has reached unprecedented levels. With boosting communication and connectivity to the next level, technologies like virtual reality have enabled us to do anything, quite literally. This is one of the reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic is a lot easier to deal with than the 1918 Spanish flue might have been for people at that time.

Technology has made our lives pretty easy around several years.

Most Basic Human Instinct Following The Tech Path in Virtual Reality

When we think of foreplay, we usually think of erotic fiction or find refuge in porn sites more easily and often. While these ways have their merits, many people find sex toys more satisfying. But what if you can get an entire package – not just sexting or flirting, something that is tangible.

It might seem crazy when we’ll tell you that we’re not talking about finding a human partner. But you can find all the elements of a sexual relationship in the new VR enabled technology.

Just like the sci fi series "Upload" companies are developing VR.

Sci-fi Getting Real - Virtual Reality Intercourse

It almost feels like we are talking about the Amazon sci-fi series, Upload, but you do not need to be dead to use this (reference alert!). In Upload, the mind needed to be driven to imagine the sexual contact – the person on Earth wore the sex suit, and in the afterlife, the protagonist felt like he was having actual sexual intercourse with a hologram (oops). Well, the new VR tech is like that, but with a twist.

These are the toys presented by Kiiroo - Titan.

Pornography in 4-D - The Titan

Titan by KIIROO- the first-ever four-dimensional experience of virtual pornography is the answer to partner-less sexual experience (yes, we read it too and it does seem awkward, but that’s the news). Titan has a vibrating stroker with touch-sensitive technology that can cop a real feel and optimise your sexual fantasies. Don’t tell us you don’t see an eerie resemblance to Upload in this (okay, this was the last reference)?

KIIROO Titan Virtual Reality - Boon For Everyone?

The KIIROO Titan VR experience bundles everything in one package. With thousands of interactive adult videos, the VR experience makes it seem extremely real. It gives unparalleled levels of sensation because of its nine vibrating motors. Bullet-shaped motors are placed to provide the stroke with the sensitivity and responsiveness you probably would not have felt before.

The Titan comes with a connectivity feature so you and your partner (if you have one) can connect the devices and do everything together. Your partner will control the speed or intensity, but you are fulfilled at the same time.

KIIROO Titan - what's in the package?

This VR neuromancer is presented by kiiroo Titan.

The Titan VR is engineered to intensify your climax. The VR Neuromancer device is promised to deliver the fourth dimension with a VR helmet adding to the reality. The stroke alone costs around $200 and the rest is $149.

In case you are wondering what the bundle offers, it includes a stroker, pair of VR goggles along with a bottle of KIIROO Aqua Premium Water-Based intimate Lubricant, and a bottle of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy cleaner. It works with any smartphone that should have a 3.5-6 inches screen, making the experience better. The interactive adult videos are a bonus to work its magic in the package.

The VR headset experience is immersive and has an exciting built with high-quality ABS. It can minimise distortion when magnifying the images, providing us with a broader view- the bigger, the better (pun intended, of course).

Virtual Reality Sex is Technology Changing Lives

VR Sex technology is changing lives.

Virtual reality has been around for decades. But now, it has entered into making our sexual lives better, accessible and more manageable. Who would have thought that technology can help make humans good at sexual extrapolation?

VR sex has tapped into possibilities making it easier for humans to look at sex differently. The VR sex toy seemed like a theoretical concept for us, but now it has come to life. Having sexual intercourse virtually is an extraordinary feat that makes us believe technology can do anything possible.

It is Real, and it is Here

VR pornography is allowing humans to experience greater intimacy, giving us personal experience and exploration. The industry is ready to flourish and make everyone’s life a lot easier.

Similar devices like the Vstroker and the Auto-blow2 show that technology is here to make everything accessible to us, even sex. The VR can sync our actions with the visuals making it an immersive experience. It turns out we don’t need a partner, we need VR porn, and we are good to go!


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