What’s Inside Mexico’s Zone of Silence?

by Sushree Mohanty

What’s Inside Mexico’s Zone of Silence?

June 9, 2021

You must have read about the mysteries behind the Bermuda Triangle, the Island of Dead Dolls, and the Great Blue hole, but there is another significantly mysterious place on the globe called, Mexico's Zone of Silence where radio signals fail, meteorites crash, and even the compass goes off the track.

"There are lots of stories of aliens and unidentified flying objects in the Zone"

- Geraldo Rivera, a state bureaucrat.
A road sign leading to zone of silence.

"Zone of Silence" - The Mexican mystery!

Yes! While the world is full of mysteries, Mexican mysteries stand no different from the Alien rumors. Nah! Modern science does not believe in the existence of Aliens in Mexico, but there is a Chihuahuan desert in northern Mexico where meteorites crash, radio signals fail to work, and compasses rotate beyond control; this place is named the Zone of Silence. 

Located in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve, an uninhabited and desolate terrain of 400,000 hectares, the Zone of Silence measures only 50 kilometers of the Biosphere. People who are neighbors to this area claim supernatural forces cause the signal blackouts in this Zone of Silence. However, with technology failing to enter the Zone, modern science has not been able to find a reasonable answer for this spooky phenomenon.

The Zone of Silence is situated on the borders of the Mexican Chihuahua, Durango, and Coahuila. It houses humongous celestial activities. Local people talk about the existence of extraterrestrial activities and the appearance of UFOs. However, Scientists and researchers believe that such a phenomenon is caused by subterranean deposits of magnetite and debris from meteorites.

The mysterious Zone wasn’t named the “Zone of Silence” until 1966 when Pemex, the national oil company, landed to explore the area for an expedition. The leader of the expedition, Augusto Harry de la Peña, faced problems and communication challenges with his radio. He said, “This is the Zone of Silence where radios fail to catch signals.”

The mysterious Zone wasn't named the "Zone of Silence" until 1966.

Curiosity arising to its peak

Radios failing to receive signals in the Zone of Silence did not grab much attention from the world. In July 1970, the Zone of Silence made headlines rising curiosity among the researchers. An Athena rocket was launched from the U.S. air force base in Green River. The rocket after studying the upper atmosphere was supposed to land near White Sands, New Mexico. Everything was as planned until the rocket was attracted towards the Zone and went wildly astray opposite to its actual direction and crashed in the Zone of Silence.

After making headlines, The Zone became an international spotlight, where some locals saw a tourism opportunity. A famous Nazi rocket scientist, Wernher Von Braun helped the Americans build their space program and came to investigate the area. At one point of time, millions of years ago, the Zone of Silence was under the Sea of Thetys, the remnants of which can be seen in fossilized seashells and vast salt deposits. 

Although there is no evidence of a rocket crashing, of the rail spur, of the impact crater, or any such spooky structures to investigate. The crash of the scientific mission rocket sparked an interest. Noticeable activities around the Zone made the Mexican government create the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve. The Reserve consists of a research station and hosts mainly biologists from around the world who are attracted to the unusual flora and fauna. This Reserve is home to the Gopherus tortoise, North America’s largest land reptile.

Are the Alien rumors TRUE?

“There are lots of stories of aliens and unidentified flying objects in the Zone,” says Geraldo Rivera, a state bureaucrat and most devoted UFO investigator of Chihuahua. For decades, many folklore and stories have spoken about unusual lights in the sky, strange beings, and meteor showers. 

People living on remote ranches who were once lost in the desert have claimed the existence of fireballs in the sky. Many claims to have encountered fair-haired aliens, speaking perfect Spanish, asking only for water, and disappearing without footprints. 

Though the Zone of Silence is balancing itself on a celestial see-saw and has spooky phenomena happenings, the area has unexplored delights as well. A hacienda that was abandoned over a century ago, unnatural but beautiful flora and fauna and unusual properties have become a starkly compelling part of the world.


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