WhatsApp To Enable Transfer Of Chat History Between iOS and Android

by Sai Vardhan

WhatsApp To Enable Transfer Of Chat History Between iOS and Android

April 7, 2021

WhatsApp will soon make it easier for us to transfer chats between Android and iOS, which has been a long-awaited feature. Currently it lets us back up our data to a third-party cloud storage app, but doesn’t support chat history migration. This might change soon with an upcoming update.

Ever since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp, the team has been rolling out several updates to make WhatsApp customisation rich, despite all the privacy concerns and losses in the number of users from the platform in recent times.

Since then, WhatsApp has been trying to convince its users that the new changes and its end-to-end encryption service still make WhatsApp secure.

The chat conversations are stored on the device backup storage and not on the cloud, which prompts many hackers and malware to try and access the device files. Still, the company has a substantial amount of users to boast its user base and be competitive with the other messaging apps in the market.

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It is common knowledge that the IOS conversion of the application had extensive features and an added layer of security that made chat backups and transfers between different platforms difficult. This is why WhatsApp is planning on bringing a new feature to the application which will enable users to transfer chats between IOS and Android platforms.

WABetaInfo is the official website for beta testing new features on WhatsApp iOS and Android. The platform has been working on support for multiple devices. Earlier the users had to rely on 3rd party applications that were untrustworthy and unsafe. So this would be a much-awaited update for the application.

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The Growing Concerns

There is no clear timeline as to when this feature will finally roll out, but WhatsApp has to address it sooner than later; along with the growing concerns towards the app’s safety and privacy features.

The concern regarding Whatsapp’s new privacy policy is growing in India and also around the globe. This new update, according to the company, is meant for the business accounts that currently use the application. With its implementation it will enable the business account owners to bring in 3rd party organisations to manage their customer reach which could mean that the data of the users could potentially fall into unregulated 3rd party organisations with no oversight- as to how the data will be used.

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Sharing Data With Facebook: An Alarm?

This new policy also dictates that the user’s phone number and all of the transaction details could be shared within the organisation.

This is also the first time that Whatsapp has talked about sharing the user data with its parent company Facebook. The previous deadline for the implementation of this policy was Feb 8 2021, but the public’s uproar has caused its postponement. The revised date is now May 15 for the users to agree to the privacy policy in order to continue using the app.

Along with the public uproar, the matter is now under judicial consideration, with several petitions lined up in the Indian Supreme Court and in the High Court. The present lack of a Data Protection Bill in India also makes this matter all the more consequential as the data of millions and their privacy hangs in the balance.


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