With New Processors and Improved battery, is Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 Worth an Upgrade?

by Sai Vardhan

With New Processors and Improved battery, is Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 Worth an Upgrade?

April 17, 2021

Microsoft's first surface laptop was launched back in 2017 and since then, Surface laptops have always been stylish and sleek, and are deemed as 'Value Laptops'. This year Microsoft took us all by surprise with its implementation of the new generation processors and the boosted battery power.

This year Microsoft launched its Surface laptop 4, which features both AMD Ryzen and Intel core processors, so if you are not a fan of Intel then you can switch to the new AMD option. It also comes in two different size ratios, 13.5 and 15 inches.

Microsoft surface 4 also comes in two different size ratios, 13.5 and 15 inches.

Design and Specifications

As far as design is considered, we don’t have major changes and it looks very similar to the previous lineup, but inside, a lot has changed. These new laptops have the Alcantara Finish which feels like the touch of a soft fabric and there is also the usual metallic version, if you don’t want it to get dirty over time.            

You might be wondering what’s the difference this time around, apart from the processors. The 13.5 inch comes with the AMD Ryzen 5 4680u and Intel core i5 1185G7 processor paired with an 8GB ram, in the case of SSD there is a change, the AMD is coupled with 256 GB SSD and Intel is paired with 512GB SSD. Also the 15-inch models has 11th generation intel i7 1185G7 and AMD Ryzen 7 4980u processors coupled with the same ram and SSD as above.                         

On the display side, 13.5 inches paired with 13.5 inches have a 10 point multi touch-enabled pixel senses with a resolution of 2256*1504 pixels and a 201 PPI pixel density. The biggest 15 inch display supports 2496*1664 pixels with a 201 PPI pixel density. Both the display options come with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

These sizes supports resolution of 2256x1504 for 13.5 inch and 2496x1664 for 15 inch display.

Battery Improvements

The next biggest improvement over previous renditions, is the battery. This year Microsoft paired up both the laptops with a 44.7W battery, which you can juice for 19 hours in the 13.5-inch Ryzen CPU and up to 17 hours with Intel CPU. Similarly, the 15 inches has the juice of 17.5 hours with the Ryzen CPU and 16.5 hours with Intel CPU. These battery stats show a tremendous amount of improvement on paper but it’s a matter of time we see how they perform in real life.

Other Features

Apart from the most pointed features this year, the Surface Laptop comes with a 32GB LPDDR 4X Ram and up to 1TB SSD and this laptop also support all basic functions as wifi 6, Bluetooth v 5.0, USB C type, USB A-type and supports a 3.5mm headphone jack.                      

The webcam on the form comes with a 720p HD clarity of picture which supports Microsoft’s famous Hello face authentication and it’s also rumored that the webcam is supposed to be better in low light situations. The laptop is equipped with dual far-field studio mics and Omni sonic speakers which supports Dolby Atmos and delivers better audio quality.

So if you have a Surface pen go ahead and pick it up, you’ll be able to draw on it and take advantage of all the things that the Surface Pen offers, so that’s nice. But there are no pockets on the device itself to put the pen in and no magnets for it to stay on it.

Price and Availability

The 13.5 inch Surface laptop 4 starts at $999(79,200 rupees) for the AMD Ryzen version and the Intel version costs $1299(97,000 rupees). The 15 inch starts at $1299(97,000 rupees) and the Intel goes at $1799(133,900 rupees). As far as we know, these products are launched in the US, Canada and Japan but there is still no confirmation on the availability of other countries.

We get all the standard things that one can expect with a good touch screen, keyboard and adequately big track pad. It’s a complete package, definitely worth considering, but the price point is yet to be confirmed for the Indian version.


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