Virginity certificates are a thing and women are still forced to get one

by Meenal Bhatia

Virginity certificates are a thing and women are still forced to get one

February 27, 2021

As shocking as it sounds, virginity certificates from virginity tests actually exist and so do virginity repair surgeries. Thousands of women are suffering because of this. Many conservative families have stopped trusting the words of their daughters and demand a certificate as an alibi for the supposed crime of having had sex.

Looking into the matter, the UN has investigated several countries and found out that countries including France, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, and even some parts of India have practitioners examining women to be able to grant them virginity certificates.

This is an applicable practice that is also used to analyze rape victims however it is more widely used for conservative families to assess whether their daughters, sisters or to be daughters-in-law are virgins or not.

Virginity Test - Demeaning Women's Identity

Many Muslim women are classified as outcasts if they don’t have one of these. The examination of ‘virginity’ is based on the baseless of idea whether the hymen is intact or not, which breaks regardless of whether the woman has sexual intercourse and it has even lead to some weird innovations for men as well.

What’s Wrong With Everything About A Virginity Test?

As mentioned these virginity tests involve checking whether the hymen of the vagina is intact or not. The hymen is a thin skin that covers the entrance of the vagina. It is a thin piece of skin that can be subject to breakage even by a fall, or while walking, because of menstruation, and most importantly, by using tampons. Hence it is not necessary at all for the hymen to have only broken because of sexual intercourse.

Many people do not know this and to be honest, if you take this piece of information to a conservative person who’s demanding a virginity certificate they are most likely going to be offended by you deciding to discuss the vagina with them. A big dilemma is why physicians even bother doing this, well some of them enjoy the money they can get and others face ethical dilemmas. The appeals of their patients include threats they face from their families.

Perpetrating violence by putting a women's virginity on pedestal

Women claim that they would be beaten up, strangled, or disowned by their families if they are unable to get one of these certificates. The next problem is when the doctor mentions to the family that the hymen is missing and then also happens to mention that it can be reconstructed through surgery.

The vaginal rejuvenation is a very high-risk procedure but families are desperate because what if their future in-laws get their doctor to conduct an examination and the hymen is missing?

virginity tests
Doctors, police, and community leaders examine a woman’s hymen or insert their fingers into the vagina to conduct the inspection, which hasn’t been shown to accurately determine if a woman has had vaginal intercourse

Virginity is peevish, proud, idle, made of self-love, which is the most inhibited sin in the canon.

- Willliam Shakespeare

Actual problem of these Virginity Test

None of this would have been happening if every single country would focus on busting the myths related to sexuality and puberty. A simple good session on sex education if made a worldwide compulsory practice then all of this could’ve simply been prevented.

Countries like India don’t even have any talks about having a sex education component as a part of their syllabi, which is quite shameful. The sad thing is that the governments never talks about sex education because they themselves have never had one and hence consider it as a highly inappropriate thing to be discussed.

Activists demonstrated against virginity tests in New Delhi in 2009.

Serious steps need to be taken against Virginity Test

Even though the governments and the UN have been urging the stop of this practice for a really long time this practice still continues because the social and ethical dilemmas faced by conservative people drive them to demand such certificates from physicians.

Some physicians are money motivated while some actually try to make the lives of their patients easier. The cycle never stops. The government of France has actually taken this seriously and has classified the conducting of such procedures and granting such certificates as a crime.

Not only would physicians doing this would be fined but they would also be jailed. The government has also banned all virginity reconstruction surgeries and has properly started investigating the entire matter. This is how it ends, and everyone should be doing the same.



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