Take A look inside the World’s first Twin-Turbine Electrostatic Watch, “Accutron DNA”

by Sai Vardhan

Take A look inside the World’s first Twin-Turbine Electrostatic Watch, “Accutron DNA”

May 29, 2021

The gears, springs, and other mechanicals tick-tocking away inside a conventional watch is a thing of captivating beauty. But seeing the inside is impossible until you open the assembly, which is rough work, but what happens when we say you can see the actual workings?

The crucial feature of the Accutron DNA watch is the dial exposes the inner workings, but what you see is dissimilar to any other watch. Instead of gears twisting, the dial is overseen by three turbines that glint as they rotate, while the secondhand sweeps around the dial without respite.

Inside the Accutron DNA: The world’s first twin-turbine electrostatic watch


The visual warmth is only part of the Accutron DNA’s appeal. It uses a unique twin-turbine electrostatic motor which is the world’s first of the kind adapted from the first widely available electronic watch movement developed by Accutron in the 1960s, known for its extraordinary precision. It was a tedious path for them cause they had to pour years into building the new and bring Accutron’s electrostatic motor back and help comprehend the work involved.

What is an Electrostatic Motor?

Watches are usually powered by a mechanical movement, a quartz movement, or if it’s a smartwatch, then yes, it’s a battery. The Accutron DNA watch’s NS30 activity is rarely unique, as it uses an electrostatic motor. The Accutron team explained what this means:

"The movement is like automatic quartz. It restores itself using electrostatic energy initiated with the movement of your arm, the same as a natural mechanical timepiece. But it has the windfalls of quartz with a very high grade of accuracy, just plus/minus five seconds a month versus 15-plus seconds a day [for a mechanical movement]."

The Accutron DNA uses your action to charge the electrostatic motor, visualized on the dial by those three turbines. The two in the lower half of the dial are the generators that spin up, relying on your action, sending power to an accumulator. This is disseminated to the vaster turbine, which powers the second hand, and a step motor to power the hour and minute hands.

It’s utterly gorgeous to glimpse. The turbines are covered in positive and negatively charged electrodes, which induce movement, and they spin very rapidly, resulting in a startling shimmering effect. The lower generators rotate incredibly shortly, while the large turbine is just lenient, and the secondhand distances smoothly around the dial. The Accutron’s dial is full of energy and activity.

Development through the years

The unique electrostatic activity is rooted in the brand’s history itself. Accutron first developed an electrostatic watch movement in 1960. The watch was the Accutron 214 Spaceview, which rather than turbines and activity powering the watch, utilized a tuning fork oscillator powered by a battery. Bulova Accutron watches originated their way onto the wrists of pilots, astronauts, and many watch buffs between its start and close.

However, bringing it back was not that simple. Despite the Accutron DNA’s electrostatic motor being established technology and impacted by a watch the company used to make before, the team was nearly commencing again with the NS30 movement.

Efforts Made

The design team had to aid the engineering team, and it was deduced earlier that one generator was enough. It wasn’t, and they had to add a second turbine. Electrostatic generation and electrostatic motors are not recent technology, but using two within a watch has never been accomplished previously. There were many challenges in developing this world’s-first technology. A remarkable level of component exactness is compelled to keep the approvals needed to produce power by static electricity and activate the motor. Steps had to be put up to improve the precision of parts in mass production, and it was hard to find and choose the most promising elements to generate the basic levels of electricity and the best charge.

A key feature of the Accutron DNA, as the dial actually exposes the inner workings, but what you see is unlike any other watch.

The Design

The Accutron DNA is carved from stainless steel and has a sapphire crystal up the top of the dial. The conspicuous head of the watch gives the bezel shape and depth without an undue grimace. The 45mm case is 15.6mm thick and has various editions and add-ons. The rubber strap is handy, thick and robust without getting sweaty.

Despite the size, the watch isn’t heavy. Anyone would like to show off this fantastic blend of high-tech elements and formal watchmaking materials failures cause it feels unique and there’s a pinch of intriguing horological narrative behind it, with a contemporary design.

The Future is Electrostatic

Accutron is now a stand-alone brand to develop such technology, and they seem pretty optimistic about the current developments. They will always strive to create and also maintain the quality of existing products.

Price of this Invention

The Accutron DNA is accessible at $3,300, or 2,790 British pounds, while the Space-view 2020 model starts at $3,450, or 2,990 pounds. None of the models is currently available in India. 


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